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Klipsch Lascalas and MCM for Sale


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We are a roller skating rink and we are closing. We are located in Auburn, NY 13021. We have 3 pairs of Lascalas and one pair of MCMs. The Lascales we would like $950 a pair and the MCMs we would like $3000 a pair. We are willing to negotiate prices and shipping can be available if needed. They are all in working condition. Please comment on this post or email at mafmusic12@yahoo.com or call at 315-567-6868. Thanks!



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We didn't end up closing our rink last year, but now it is definite and we are closing June 7th. As far as the prices go, if you read the whole post we are willing to negotiate. Thanks for your interest!! Send people  my way if they are looking for some!!

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Actually that listing on Ebay is mine. We are looking to sell all of that stuff. Unfortunately, shipping is crazy expensive. I welcome anyone who is interested in the stuff I have to find a cheap shipping option or they are more than welcome to pick it up where the equipment is located. Unfortunately, I can not be held responsible for shipping and do not have the time to help look for anything. Sorry guys!!

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