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Here is the on-line web manual for the Denon so everybody here can play along. You've got to get that Atmos going! :)


Thanks again. Yeah i'm borrowing an atmos movie from a friend tonight and will crank it up :)

I'm absolutely shocked by the detail and power of these speakers. It's like watching movies for the first time literally.

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Ali, you have a great AVR and great speakers! Once you get things calibrated I would expect the sound to be outstanding!

Have you used Audyssey to set up your speakers? My Audyssey does an excellent job and your Audyssey is better than mine.

Yeah just did the auto calibration.
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Think of 75 on your Denon as the normal starting point, then turn it up or down from there.

Thanks wvu. I just increased the level for the speakers and the volume is now high enough at 40. Now i just need to get the atmos working

I don't think you should do that. It will not allow the speakers to play loud without distortion.

The problem isn't you, it's these new AVR's, they are very different from the old two-channel receivers in the way they display the numbers for the volume.

In the old days the receiver was loud if you turned it up to 1/3rd, and if you used even 1/2 to 3/4 volume it would be so loud it would drive you out of the room, all with two speakers.

Now we have 5.1, 7.1 etc. And the volume display isn't absolute, the volume is relative to REFERENCE. That's because of the way movie sound is recorded, and because of the magic of the room correction software. My Onkyo uses Audyssey like your Denon does, but yours is much more high level.

When you use the calibration software it balances the speakers relative to reference, which on my AVR is 82, meaning 82 db. That means 60 db is quiet, 90 db is loud.

If you really want your system to sound loud at 40, I suggest you put the speakers back to their default levels, then go into the Denon settings and change the way the Denon displays volume, changing from relative to absolute volume. Then when you turn the volume up a quarter, it will blast you out of the room with sound!

I know it feels strange having to turn the sound up to 75 as a starting point, but I assure you it's normal and that is the way it was designed. It takes a little bit of time to get used to it, then it becomes the new normal.

man this isn't a very good post. This couldn't be more wrong. If you change the volume from Absolute to relative it does absolutely nothing EXCEPT change the way it's displayed. For instance when I watch a movie at -15 and change to absolute it goes to 65. Volume is the same. Doesn't matter. Some like to see a number above zero. Some like to know relative spl from "reference". I prefer the relative system.
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