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What in the Heck has Happened to Green Bay?

Jeff Matthews

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I love hockey, I play hockey and have since I was about 8.  But, pro hockey has been watered down as well.  Not that the days of the enforcers, Derek Sanderson and the Broad Street Bullies were anything to be proud of, but it sure was entertaining....And college hockey is so closely called by the officials that it's almost ridiculous.  I totally understand the safety aspect, but please, let the boys play.

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Hanson Brothers played here in the old IHL - Muskegon Mohawks

My high school team thought we were hot stuff until we decided to play a "friendly" against the Muskegon Mohawks Junior Team, back in '72.....They beat us 22-2.  I scored one of the goals, only because the puck ricocheted into the net off of my skate.....purely unintentional of course.... 

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The ref that threw the flag was standing behind and to the right of Rodgers, and threw the flag when he say Rodgers' helmet snap sideways. No facemask, but it is tough to pick up the flag when the ref didn't see the action from the front, and no one overruled him that had a better angle.

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