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Klipsh Industrial LaScala - $1375 (McKinney, TX)


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ohh and a price drop from a few weeks ago. I inquired about these before.. crossovers and MF/HF are stock. woofer drivers are stock models, but fully rebuilt by a local shop in Dallas. He's not a forum member but seems to be pretty familiar with at least the ins and outs of this particular model (and not just flipping them from some estate sale).

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U Ship has gotten a couple of favorable reviews here lately.


Thanks for the heads up Jim.   935 miles for $ 372.00 seems fair to me.  I'm trying to figure out if they'd wrap them in moving blankets etc. so they show up in good shape.  The owner and I spoke and he's cool with me sending in a shipper.  Game on.



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Joe, it was suggested here that you read the reviews of various shippers that provide a bid.  I would second that.  Those would be on the U Ship site.


You are gonna love those LSI's.  I have two pair, one in my garage for summer parties and outdoor listening, and one in my basement work space.


Those are one of the nicest pairs I've seen in a while.  Great score.

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My Uship delivery arrived yesterday afternoon.  I was happy with the service and will use it again.  Now I need to decide what goes on the block.

Congrats….I'd get rid of the Deere, keep all the speakers :D



That Deere 420 is the only untouchable item in the picture.  That old Onan P motor gave up it's ghost so I am dropping a new motor in it and it'll get back to work.

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