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One year with Klipsch speakers- Many thanks to this forum!


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Almost exactly one year ago, the last week of March 2015, I acquired my first pair of Klipsch speakers, 1979 Heresy 1 H-BR. These little gems improved my listening experience so much that they led me to purchase my second pair of Klipsch speakers three months later, 1994 Chorus 2 with Crites crossovers, Crites Titanium tweeter diaphragms, Crites Phenolic Midrange diaphragms and newly reconed woofers. Both pairs became the core of my Home Theatre system and are used many hours daily for TV, movies and music, usually together in an A/B configuration for stereo music listening. In November 2015 I got a pair of KLF20's, bone stock, no loose baffles. These are set up in the Master Bedroom and are used for 2 channel stereo listening. I have Titanium tweeter diaphragms that will be installed in the next few days and will post my thoughts after I've listened to them a bit.

Because I listen to these wonderful speakers so much, it has become difficult to listen to lesser quality systems. It's like a whole bunch of the music is just missing and it takes quite a while to get used to. I'm now accustomed to hearing the details, a drum stick hitting the bell of a ride cymbal, the nuances of a vocalist, slight string noises of the guitar and fingers plucking notes on a bass guitar. Without these details, the music is basically background noise, which leaves me looking forward to getting home to MY system. It's not so bad if I'm at someone's home with a decent rig, but that doesn't happen often.

Many thanks to all of YOU, for sharing your time, knowledge and experience with new guys like me. I've learned a ton about Klipsch and fine audio in general. I don't get to visit here as much as I'd like, but whenever I do, I learn something new and have never been treated badly, which speaks volumes about the quality of the folks in this community. Thanks again and rock on!

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Roger, I'd love to hear some Jubilees, I heard K Horns a very long time ago and remember how huge they sounded.

Matt, thanks, I really enjoy the KLF's. They really thump when pushed, the dual 10's Rock.

Ceptorman, it's very refreshing to hear everything clearly, sometimes it's like hearing a song for the first time, even though I've listened to it forever.

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I learn something new and have never been treated badly,
We could heap on the verbal abuse if you want us to... ;)


Really, the systems you have ae so much better than most folks have ever heard. I'm always happy when I hear about someone liking their systems and enjoy listening to music.



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