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Been reading the board for a while but have never posted before. Just got some klipsch rf-5's. That's no small feat in itself considering i'm 20 and have been saving up for almost a year to buy them (crappy job) but what can I say i love horns!!

I wanted to know what cd's (records) you guys know of with exceptional sound quality... one of those albums that you just keep thinking wow!!

I like all kinds of music and want some 'real' music to see what these speakers are really capable of. I like blues, classical, jazz, rock... you name it.

I remember not too long ago i read a post that was naming classical music, some sang in german in particular.

Could you guys help me get some REAL music :) thanks!!

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"Music from A Glass Bead Game", Nathaniel Rosen and Arture Delmoni on John Marks Records. Almost 5 years later, it's still one of my faves. Excellent performances and phenomenal recording. John Marks surely knows his stuff. The rest of his recordings are also uniformly excellent, but MGBG is a gem.

Classical labels with usually excellent sound (90+% of the time): Hyperion, Harmonia Mundi, Astree, John Marks Records.

Hits and Misses (can be great, or lousy): EMI, Erato, Naxos, Phillips, RCA.

Usually disappointing (especially given their resources): Deutsche Grampohone, Sony

If you want to build a classical collection, subscribe to Gramophone from the UK (www.gramophone.co.uk). About 150 honest music reviews each month. I've found their reviews to be excellent. They sure aren't reluctant to trash a bad recording. Since there are a lot of poorly recorded classical releases out there, reading their reviews and rcommendations will save you a lot of money otherwise spent on lousy CDS.


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Equip Stand: Grand Prix Audio Monaco

K-horns w/ALK

Second system- My dad's old Fisher 400-refurbished, Heresy II, Vecteur Variation CD player

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Sadly, most "audiophile" CDs that are well-recorded with excellent sonics contain musical dreck or one step above. It's a sad but unfortunate fact, though many collect them to no end. I have to admit, I have a handful of CDs I have bought for sonic merit but rarely do I listen to them for music enjoyment alone. While they come in handy listening to your equipment, 95% of the material leaves you feeling as empty as a runoff pipe in Arizona.



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Speaker 1977 Klipsch Cornwall I w/Alnico & Type B Crossover

Links system one online / alternate components / Asylum Listing f>s>

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"The Internatinal Guide to Building a Classical Music Library" by Bill Parker strives to recommend recordings that are: 1) a critically aclaimed performance; 2) outstanding recording; and 3) readily available at a reasonable price. Outstanding recordings of an average performance are not recommended.

I started selecting recordings with "Classical Music For Dummies". Not only is it educational and an enjoyable read but it lists recommended recordings by accessibility. Start with the familiar and catchy tunes like Handel's Water Music and then explore in steps towards pieces that have a more "spicey taste".

Having spent the 80's in America's Indie Undergound I've found "classical" music to be a refreshing stimulus for a different range of emotions.

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Just curious, how into the indie underground of the 80s were you? I have a load of vinyl from the 70s thru the current. When people talk of the 80s indie scene, there is a TON of great stuff with some serious racket being made, almost all under the radar of the average music lover. Indeed, 99% of it went unheard and was virtually absent from the mainstream CD stores, only available at the better, privately owned record stores of those in the know. The popular music of this time was some of the worst in history while the underground really flourished with most of it released in vinyl. Indeed, in many ways, the indie scene embraced vinyl and kept it alive with most releasing solely on record. Working in college radio, reviewing recording/shows, and recording/playing in bands really put you in touch with this material; if you didnt have a good college radio scene in your area, it was hard to hear all this stuff as exposure was really limited. What are some of the artists you admired from that time?

If you have not delved into 50s and 60s jazz, then you are in for a great surprise as the stuff is amazing and sounds GREAT on vinyl and tubes. A little research in this area will yield great dividends.


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Well, here goes:

Metallica - The "Black" CD, sounds simply incredible

Fuel - both of their CD's sound great

Tears for Fears -- 20 Greatest Hits, remastered, Capitol Records

Rush -- Moving Pictures (fasten your seat belt)

Godsmack -- CD of same title, debut

Alice in Chains, Greatest Hits, remastered

This 1/2 dozen immediately come to mind as being very well recorded. Incidently, the musics good too!

These should keep you busy for a whilecwm35.gif

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"Deang, that list was truly frightening! heh...lordy.

What is going on out there?"



Anything Chesky,Sheffield Labs,Audioquest and Reference Recordings and a few JVC are superb,for listening to your system in and out.But a good few are BOOORING and put you to sleep.A few SONY SACD are awesome,best any of the above but most often put me to sleep.Audiophile and boooring,sorry to say.Some are masterpieces others musical stinkers.I will not nake them not to provoke here. LOL

And I like Telarc too,most CD's I know(in fact all)are great subwoofer blasters.I like the funny deep bass warning on the CD case.Funny,as my subs take on any sub bass.

Anything Metallica KICKS A$$ and takes numbers. LOL

Godsmack is great,whips the system,Korn is a OK...I am sure Mobile loves to listen to Korn on his fragile tube system pushing the tubes into thermal meltdown. Wink.gif

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I've collected some lists from others sources looking for good material. I can pass along to you. Send me an email if your interested.

One list was put together by the folks at Avant Garde for use with demoing their equipment. I can't speak for the entire list, but most of the titles I've picked up are decent.

The the other list I believe was assembled by someone over at Enjoy the Music.

Here are a few that I like to use when evaluating equipment changes. I believe they are well recorded, and there is most likely something you might like.

- Doug McLeod "Come To Find"

- John Lee Hooker "The Healer"

- Holly Cole "Don't Smoke in Bed"

- Catie Curtis "Truth From Lies"

- The Chieftains "Tears of Stone"

- Jimmy Rodgers "Blue Bird"

- Sara K "Play on Words"

- Poncho Sanchez "Conga Blue"

- Ricky Lee Jones "Pop Pop"

- tb

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Toot! Toot!s> c>



A Decade of Diana Enthralls With Krall

Stepping Out, The Early Recordings


kd lang Coming Out Of Country

All You Can Eat, Drag,

and Invincible Summer


Colin's Music System Ak-2 Khorns & Klipsch subs; lights out, tubes glowing & smile beaming!]

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I was a DJ on college radio in the 80's

* 1984-85: WICN 90.5 FM Worcester, MA - Public Radio For Central New England ("Positive Noise" - Late Nights after the standard NPR type stuff (ethnic music, classical music, news, etc.). Not really college radio but walking distance from my school WPI and college radio format in the evenings. We won recognition for programming excellence from SPIN Magazine. The founder of TAANG records was one of the DJ as was a registered parapshyciatrist.

* My roommate freshman year was in Critical Few and played famous Boston/Providence clubs like The Rat & the Living Room. Winner of the WBRU Rock Hunt and on the WBRU Rock Hunt compilation. I saw them open for bands like Let's Active & Neighborhoods.

* I saw some great shows by Husker Du, Black Flag, Let's Active, REM, Lloyd Cole, 'Til Tuesday, November Group, Neighborhoods, Cramps, Butthole Surfers, Einstrezend Neubaten(sp), Echo & the Bunnymen, Dogmatics, Adam & the Ants, Stray Cats, Violent Femmes, Alarm, u2, The Who, Rash of Stabbings, O+, Tubes, db's.

* 1987-1989: KSCU 103.3 FM Santa Clara, CA (Santa Clara University). Traditional college radio. I got to interview GBH and The Untouchables. Saw more great shows by Ministry, New Order, Black Flag, Husker Du, Agent Orange, Ramones, Social Distortion, Rolling Stones, Cure, Yes, Run DMC, Beastie Boys.

I snuck a few stadium rock shows in there just for fun.

I have about 3,000 lps & cds. Most of the indie stuff is on lp. Email for the excel spreadsheet which includes ratings by popular record review guides.

Always buying vinyl--especially indies!

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I have never ventured into the world of Jazz so the joys of hearing all those classic recordings is still in front of me....kinda like hearing the Beatles and Stones for the first time.

I've been listening to some R&R 45's from 1959...especially the local San Antonio bands my dad knew from college. I have a couple collectible Buddy Holly records and of course watched "Happy Days" when I was a kid. Other than my dad's "bee bopping" singing in the car I'm not real familiar with early R&R (other than the complete Elvis 50's recordings CD box set).

I travel frequently so visiting record stores across the US has been a diversion if I have time. I'm open to a few most have suggestions. I saw a lot of old Jazz records at a record store in St. Louis last month but I couldn't tell John Coltrane from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Oh yeah..."Our Band Could Be Your Life, Scenes from the American Indi Underground 1981 - 1991" is an outstanding book on innovative bands from that scene.

I've also enjoyed "Post Punk Diary" as a reference. It was written by George Gimarc who sold me my 1976 Cornwalls last month.

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This is kinda on subject. Right now i am listening to Norah Jones' cd, it is excellent. Gonna take on some Diana Krall in a minute.

Anyway, after over 10 years, I have not found a better SOUNDING cd player than my Sony Discman D-131. It gets louder than any other I have heard and the sound is so smooth compared to the muddy, hissy sound of modern portable cd players. I am sure my parents paid plenty for this CD player when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. They got it the first year Incredible Universe opened, you can figure out the date from that maybe. Anyway, after say 10 years of use, band bus bashing, drops, and trying to look at the laser while it was one by sticking a pencil in the cd latch... It still works and looks like brand new. Only problem, skips like a mother LoL. But I only use it on my desk when my computer is off so no problems there.




promediatech@Klipsch.com /1-888-554-5665 - RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5s>

Email Me

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You guys have really done it now...

Got me set on getting a record player!

I thought i was an audiophile before, but now that i'm broke, i KNOW that i'm one Smile.gif haha

I'm making a big list of everything you guys recommend and i'm going to check out pawn shops - garage sales, etc... going to try to find some good vinyl. Maybe i can find some old family members with records i can have.... you never know!

p.s. thanks for the help & a tube amp is coming next i think Smile.gif

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My 2 cents worth:

Classical: Stravinsky-The Firebird Telarc 80039

an awsomely recorded performance as well as a wonderful piece of music. But be careful, those false endings may surprize the Hell out of you! The audio on this recording (originally a direct to disc/1978) will definately put your speakers through a wide range of tones as well as dynamics...sheer auditory orga$m!

Rock: Alan Parsons Project-I Robot good music, well recorded

Jazz:Look up anything by Bill Bruford & Earthworks. But be ready to give up that 4/4 feel, cause when he's playing 4/4, it's synchopated enough to where it doesn't sound like 4/4! Almost all the Earhworks recordings are well done. And if you like Bill and want to venture deeper, look up his recordings of the 80s which feature Jeff Berlin on bass (one of the best bassists, IMHO) and Alan Holdsworth on guitar. Alan's leads are nothing short of phenominal, and the chemistry between all of them is just right. Course, you can go back further in time (though the music is great, the recording quality isn't quite as good), when Bill played with Yes, UK, and, another phenominal band, King Crimson. Just do a search on Bill Bruford at CDNOW.com, or any other CD site.

As to DVDs (you didn't ask, but...)

King Crimson's Deja Vroom is very well recorded and the performance is awsome. Real good drumming from Bill Bruford and Pat Mastoletto...and the guitars of Trey Gunn, Adrian Belew, and the grear one, Robert Fripp.

Earthworks-Footloose in NYC OK recording, I don't like the sonics of the room, but a great jazz performance that just rips!



78 Khorns w/ALK (20' apart!)

Audire Difet 3 Preamp

Adcom GFA 535 II

NAD 4130 Tuner

Marantz CD 63SE

Pioneer DV 434s>c>

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It is not a CD I am afraid but the best sounding anything I own is a DECCA recording of Bert Kaempfert Africaan Beat made in the early 1960's.

This is the closed thing to being there I have yet come across and I am planning to surprise the Audiophile Club of Athens with it when they descend on my house in October.

Other than that other worthies that I own on CD include:

1. Jacintha - Here's to Ben (XRCD).

2. Mark Knopfler - Sailing to Philadelphia (HDCD).

3. Sonny Rollins Saxaphone Colossus (XRCD - mono).

There are many more but these are the ones that immediately spring to mind.


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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Some of my favorites and also best sounding (I use RF-7s or Forte-IIs):

Stravinsky Petrushka Columbia MK42433

Stravinsky Pulcinella Virgin Classics VC 7 90767-2

259 799-231

Bach Brandenburg Concertos Telarc CD-80354 & 80368

Schubert Trout Quintet Decca 458 608-2

Vaughan Williams assortment Argo 440 116-2

Brahms Serenades Philips 432 510-2 (don't substitute)

Andrew Manze "Portrait" Harmonia Mundi 2907278

Stravinsky conducts Petrushka.. very dynamic.

Pulcinella has some vocal work .. but Very good

Bach is Bach .. this version done by Boston Baroque

Andras Schiff plays piano on The Trout .. this is a quitnet, but uses a double bass instead of a cello.

The Brahms is absolutely beautifully conducted by Bernard Haitink

The Manze is an excellent assortment of Baroque music. If you're interested in or want to learn about the Baroque period, this is a great disk.


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