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KG 5.2


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I have owned most of the Kg series speakers and am under the opinion that the 5.2 is only bested by the 5.5.


I feel this is a very good speaker for a medium to small room.

I personally would not pay more than$200.00 for a pair in really good condition.


I believe you would be happy with a pair if your room is not a large room.


Only you can be the judge of that.



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if you have a set of K79 kicking around you might want to try those motors on your KG5.2 tweeter, same diaphragm just a much more substantial motor. One of the AK members noticed  this and it would be worth a try at the very least it would enhance your power handling by a good margin. Enjoy you new to you KG5.5.

PS: see that you have KLF30 with Crites ti diaphragms, swap the whole tweeter motor over for an audition and see what you think, it should result in nothing short of a spectacular improvement. (ooops that's DTR20 with the KLF30) maybe DTR20 will pay you a visit this weekend and bring his Crites loaded K79 with him for an audition on a larger set of horns.

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Picked up and hooked up.

They were in excellent shape, original owner, older gentleman, nice home.

They are surprising, nice tone and plenty of low end.

Using my low watt tube amp, wow.

I am not going to leave them there they are the beginning of a home theater set-up.

That said what is a good center for this, I have had a KLF C-7 before with Chorus II's and it was impressive.



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15 hours ago, jwc said:

I had 5.2's and didn't think I needed a sub.


There are of course a lot of variable here to consider but I'm sure most could probably get away without one. If you've ever heard these side by side with the 5.5's you'd see there's quite a difference in bass output, the 5.5's kick like a mule in comparison.

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Yes I agree 

1 hour ago, dtr20 said:

For 2 channel, you don't need a sub with these (barely), but for home theater, you do.

How does a Forte II compare with this speaker? 

I was thinking of trying a pair to run off a tube amp for 2 channel but I have never heard them. I like the size, a smaller version of the Chorus II which I used to have and wish I still did. 

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