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Chorus ii Broken Binding Post


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Hey all,


New guy here. I just inherited a set of Chorus IIs that are unfortunately in a bit of a state of disrepair. One of the negative terminals on the system is busted off. 


Can anyone detail the process I'm going to need to take to repair it? Am I going to have to solder? 


I already contacted Klipsch support and they put me in contact with a repair shop that does not have the terminals in stock, so is there a generally accepted after market set to use? 


Thanks in advance! 

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Unfortunately I don't have any pictures available to me right now, but I can paint you a lovely verbal picture:


The screw terminals have a hole drilled down through them to place a wire, and then the cap is screwed down to establish connection. Apparently my father thought his system wasn't working because of a bad connection and tightened it with a wrench until it sheared perpendicular to the plane of the hole. It's truly borked. 


I'm in the greater Denver area. 

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I am need of replacement binder posts as well. Klipsch suggested either Parts Express or Monoprice.

Between the two websites, an overwhelming pool of possible solutions was offered. I was overwhelmed by the choices and welcome anyone's opinion, please.

Noted a basic plastic binder post with the hardware metal appear gray/silver color. Plus what I believe is a preferred option, binding p99to to ost. Made of 100% copper, coated with 24k gold.

Thank you in advance, Jeff

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I don't think you will have to solder.  Crimp on ends should be available.  Do pay attention to how thick the screw or stud is.  Replacements sometimes have a big screw, sometimes a smaller one.  I don't know of any way to measure the replacement, you kind of have to eyeball it.  If you decide to upgrade from stock, be sure to order a set of four.


Here is the list of binding posts on Ebay:



You don't have to pay a lot of money.  I used these for a broken CF-4 post, very close to stock looking.  I don't know if this is what your Chorus II posts looks like or not.  $3 and free shipping.



EDIT:  I just found a pic of the Ch2 posts, they are red and black plastic.  Here's some for $5 make sure the hole where the binding posts go through is the right size, eyeballing as good as you can.





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Binding posts?  That sounds familiar.  Oh yea, I remember them now, but I'm a born again Speakon convert.  I'm saving for a pilgrimage to Lichtenstein.


Seiously, if you're put off by soldering, ignore my proselytizing for Speakon.  It was right for me when I busted a binding post on a sub.  In your case, I agree about calling Parts Express tech support.




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