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WTB metal grilles for Klipsches?


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Hi all - new to the forum but have had my RF5's 15+ years now.  Bought 'em for the bachelor pad in the city, transferred to the marital home in the 'burbs, which also has a cat.


Which means my grille cloth is under attack.


Anybody find pre-cut (or easy enough to diy) metal grille covers to fit Klipsch floor speakers? Any other catproofing solutions work for anyone?


Any help appreciated.

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I have used this type of grille on many projects, just cut to size, prime & paint, and install some edging for a finished look.


Different styles are available as well, these are two i have used.


Perforated sheet metal.


Expanded metal.


Just be sure to order enough and get some tin snips if you don't have a pair.

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Just an idea; before you try jason's suggestion, practice with some metal window screen. You might even spray the window screen black and find out after wrapping it over the grill that it doesn't look half bad.


I see speakerworks.com sells custom steel grilles. Put some catnip behind the grille and watch the cat go nuts.


Personally, I'd just get a dog...:rolleyes:

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A couple of things


We have 2 dogs already. 1 half Jack Russell/half Chihuahua, the other a Miniature Pinscher mix.


Our cat is a purebred dick though.


Window screens are a good idea, but not nearly robust or deterrent enough to put up with a cat stretch. He even reaches up walls sometimes, so it's got to be tough enough for little to no give if the claws are extended - that just isn't window screen pay grade. And though I work mostly from home, I can't keep an eye on the cat. He's gonna do what he's gonna do, but he also does his job chasing the occasional suburban mouse or vole in the basement, so he gets to stay. 


We also have kids coming over with some frequency. The RF-5's have the irresistibly tempting to little fingers dust cover at the center of the cone. So that's not a way to ensure they last.


May have to get the metal grille sheet and bend them, but I've never done it before. Anybody got a good demo video to share?

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