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Insane System...


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There are 2 major problems with that system as I see it:

1. The cost. God only knows how much that lot was.

2. The space. You really do need a major mansion for the amps alone.

Of course the owner is obviously in the fortunate position of having plenty of both money and space.

Ah well - the stuff of dreams I suppose - as usual I cant help wondering how it sounds...

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Boy, talk about too much complication!!!

I bet a nice pair of 15" Tannoy dual concentric drivers mounted in a properly-loaded horn cabinet driven by a good 300B SET amp would sound far superior to that nightmare mess! I betcha that the hum & buzz from that system would drive most people nuts! If there's no hum & buzz, it's properly over-filtered & conditioned, leading to a polite, non-dynamic sound!

I believe that it's important to apply the "KISS" principle when dealing with efficient speakers.

My $0.0214.gif14.gif

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