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The Fisher X-100 Friday Score


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Scored this Fisher Friday and had it delivered. There has been some work on it that will have to be undone. Most phono sections will be removed, tone controls removed, and converted to PP triode EL84's. The tubes are all amperex... Good stuff. I love the sweaty worn in look like a little rat rod.


Amperex GZ34 8-)


This little resistor is smoked.


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7 hours ago, tube fanatic said:

Do I understand correctly that you are going to convert the output stage to triode operation?  What operating parameters have you chosen?  I'm curious as to the resultant distortion and power output you expect.




I am just a solder monkey a good friend who has already helped me convert a Knight KB83 and another amplifier to PP triode over pentode does the design work. I need to get proper measurements for most of my builds/rebuilds. They sound great so far so I haven't questioned them. He has been a builder / tech for 30+ years or I wouldn't be monkeying with any of this.


I will be ripping out tone controls and extras and putting in a nice phono stage.


I dig the looks so won't do anything cosmetic.



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