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Marantz 1060 Amplifier and WC10 wood case RESTORED


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This is a nearly perfect Marantz Model 1060 integrated amp with black faceplate. I think the black is a fantastic look because it really sets the knobs off against the background. 
It had a complete restoration with high quality components, here is the rundown -
Installed Panasonic FC 105C rated capacitors on power supply board
Removed glue residue from power supply board
Installed CDE Quencharc snubber capacitor on power switch to prevent arcing
Upgraded filter capacitor to Nichicon Gold Tune 10000uF/80V, installed film bypass capacitor
Upgraded coupling capacitors to Mundorf M-Lytic 4700uF for enhanced bass response
Installed WIMA film and Elna Silmic II capacitors on preamp board
Upgraded preamp board local filter from 100uF to 220uF Nichicon Fine Gold
Installed gain matched OnSemi KSA992/KSC1845 transistors on preamp board
Upgraded phono board local filter from 100uF to 220uF
Installed Nichicon Muse and WIMA film capacitors on phono board
Replaced unreliable 2SC458 transistors on phono board with gain matched KSC1845
Installed Nichicon Muse capacitors on amplifer board
Upgraded input coupling capacitors to WIMA film types
Replaced small signal transistors on amplifier with OnSemi KSA733C/KSC945C
Replaced varistors with 1N4148 diodes
Set bias and clipping to factory specifications
39 capacitors, 16 transistors, 2 diodes, 1 snubber capacitor replaced
This amplifier sounds great, and performed well on bench testing.   All functions and inputs are working correctly.  The 1060 is a legend in the Marantz lineup for good reason, it is a warm and enjoyable sounding amp.  It's very well built, easy to service, and loaded with features.  The 1060 is a capacitor coupled design, so expect a "thump" from your speakers when powering the unit on.  The top cover has a nice satin black powdercoat.
It comes with a reproduction WC-10 case in walnut. It is beautiful and best of all, doesn't smell like smoke that many of the the old ones suffer from. You would be hard pressed to ever find one this nice.
I ship with Fedex ground and it will be very, very well packed for shipping. This is a very heavy piece with the cabinet. I'm guessing at 40lbs.  Ships to CONUS only. All sales final with no returns. This one was completely rebuilt by Jailtime on AudioKarma site. He is a long time rebuilder and knows his stuff. Thanks so much. Please consider the case alone was over $180. Labor and parts $250.
Price is $750 plus $50 flat rate Fedex with insurance to Conus. Local pickup zip 62690.









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forgot to add price to description
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1 hour ago, Yemm66 said:



Since this is a "top" dollar request, just wanted to add my concern about the case. My case is solid walnut (back is identical to the top) ... not sure what wood this case is , or veneered, or stained???

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3 minutes ago, carlthess40 said:

The black faceplate really makes it stand out like the old Sansui gear.
If your open to trades I’ll jump on this thing

Sorry, New to this website for replying. I would be open to trades. I'm looking for Klipsch speakers. What do you have in mind? Jeff.

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