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Will a separate ss amp bring up the volume for the bass driver front speakers?


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13 minutes ago, veloceleste said:

Glad t you got the speaker out and things are sounding better. That's what I meant, speaker terminal cup (darn autocorrect)! There was no foam on the bottom of Chorus II's either. 


Yeah, there must have been an air leak from one of the components I removed from the back speaker cabinet. 

I grew up with people stuffing the heck with all sorts of insulation inside of their speaker cabinets to dampen things down.

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6 hours ago, StratCountry said:


I removed the speaker terminal box and was able to push out the speaker which took quite a bit of force to pop it out.

Connections are correct.

Seems like their should be more foam inside the cabinet, only on one side which is 1 inch thick? Everywhere else is bare?

Could this contribute to the bass issue?


Speaker 2.jpg

no this is factory and as designed you don't need more damping inside the cabinet the passive will provide you with all your deep bass. If you want lower bass you can re tune the passive by adding more weight, no more than 2.5 ounces in the form of large steel flat washers mounted to the centre of the passive inside.

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2 hours ago, PrestonTom said:

Please be aware that if you lower the vent running, you will be increasing the the excursion of the woofer.

At the least, you may increase the distortion. At the worst, you might damage the woofer. 


The passive will go before the woofer in this model but yes, use caution.

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A rule of thumb is not to tune more than about 75-80% below the Fs of the woofer.


Does anyone know the T/S parameters? Also, you can model this to at least get an idea of how even the frequency response would be (and the efficiency) with this modification. I would certainly suggest doing that sort of homework first.


As with most things, there is no free lunch. 

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On 9/13/2019 at 10:23 AM, StratCountry said:


You are correct, I do NOT like flat frequency response. My eq settings have always been the smiling face look with mids slightly less than 0db, my son got stuck in that position too.

"There’s an app you can get for your Marantz that will let you manually change the EQ curve for your main channels." How do I find this app? Thanks.


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