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Powered Bluetooth Speakers ?


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I am woefully unschooled on modern Klipsch lineup for powered and bluetooth speakers. The conference room at work is in need of some bluetooth powered speekers. I'd like to stay under a grand. The conference room pc is windows 10 pro and needs to connect to speakers via bluetooth. Any recomendations much appreciated.





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15 minutes ago, richieb said:

} You might look into the Sonos lineup. They seem to have their act together when it come to connectivity and the ability to daisy chain their speakers. And they don’t sound too bad for what they are - although a bit pricey —


X2. I have several Sonos products throughout the house and my friend has an entire 5.1 setup for his TV. The software interface is by far the best....and I've seen plenty. The sound is quite impressive for the form factor, slightly bass heavy if anything but in a good way.

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