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Wanted: K-22 woofers, Type E crossovers, K-77


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1 hour ago, hatrack1971 said:

Not real interested in eBay pricing to be honest but I guess that's what the forums have become too. I miss the old days.

Your post has been out for 1 day, I'm sure someone else will have something to offer. Yeah, I miss $800 Klipschorns and $100 Heresys, too. Take a look around, $255 for a pair of woofers and networks shipped to MONTANA isn't close to eBay pricing.



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On 1/14/2020 at 1:27 PM, hatrack1971 said:

I miss the old days.

Gone forever. I have some things here I am really debating on whether I should sell or just wait a year or two for them to go up another 40+ %. Looking at crossovers on EBay today and many Type E's are the same price as Bob is selling new ones with better components. They have gone up at least 30% and last year I could get pairs for $100 shipped and the market has just gone crazy. My next La Scala project will sell for what I want or I wait a bit and let prices go up again and then sell. I can't replace what I am selling now so when it is gone it is gone. Hunting for used to fix up used to be fun.

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