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SOLD: McIntosh MC40 / Grason Stadler 162K


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I'm selling a pair of vintage tube amps made by McIntosh for Grason Stadler, that have been converted to MC40 spec. You can find more info on them here: http://www.indianaradios.com/Grason Stadler 162K McIntosh MC40 Amplifier.htm


I bought them from this thread: 


I paid $2,600 for them, and I am asking the same. I'm open to trades for speakers, but I'd really be better off with cash. 


New price $2,300.


I live in Springfield, Illinois, but can deliver to STL as I am there often. 







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I had 6 sets of mono blocks. All MC's (30's, 40's,60's,75's). Took years for me to collect, they were all excellent / mint. I am a electronic design engineer w/40 years exp. After my first wife cancer i spent my single evenings blueprinting the amps. I loved them all.

Now i am re-married, we moved into a smaller home, they were stacked everywhere. And sadly sitting for months at a time unused. I decided to make my wife happy and get the extra amps  to people to enjoy them the way they should be enjoyed.


I decided to keep one set, but could not decide which. So i decided to let the market decide.

I am afraid i under priced them because they all sold super fast. I was down to the MC30's and MC75's.


The MC 30's you can listen too all day, just super nice  sound. The MC75's had power that brought out the emotion in music.

So i left both on eBay. They both sold on the same day!!! Major sadness on my part.


I had a part of super rare factory special order (like G-S, but for some other special use). It appears the Factory had no gray transformers, they are in business to make money. So they appeared to pull black transformers off the shelf and painted them gray. I think it was late in 1960's. because who ever ordered them never put them into use. They were factory wired, only change was input which rolled off bass ~ 6DB. I guess they were suppose to be used for PA or bi-amp purpose. An engineer purchased them in Switzerland. He loves them. He has MC60's and told me he put those on the shelf. He tested freq response and it was flat -1 db from 10hz to nearly 100khz!


Anyway, would you ship via USPS? And what is your best price?


Best Regards,

Marvin Palmer

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