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4 hours ago, JL Sargent said:

Should be a couple of good games today as the NFC and AFC champs are decided. I'm thinking the Bengals might get it done today against the Chiefs and the Rams win over the Niners.


I'll go out on a limb and say the Bengals don't have a chance.

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I'll be watching & rooting for the Bengals.  I've been a steadfast fan of theirs, longer than I've been a steadfast fan of Klipsch.  My horns wear orange stripes!


That said....  it's been a surprisingly good, fun, exciting year for them.  They beat KC a couple weeks ago.


I don't see KC letting that happen again, especially in their house with the specific rewards sitting on the table for grabbing.  It will be fantastic if they did win....  I just think it's hard to beat a team twice in the same year.


(enter Baltimore and Steelers whom the Bengals beat both times this year, then the Browns who beat the Bengals twice this year)  So much for my theory!!  (I hope)


It will be nice to see what they can do once they convert their revolving door, front line.  Letting Burrow get sacked (if I recall) nine times last game, is only asking for higher odds to blow his knee out again.

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