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Well...it all began the first day in class when this brunette walked in.... one of those IMMEDIATE "I have to meet that girl"... moments.


We stayed good friends even after we went different ways.  I went to her wedding and I was one of the early people she contacted to say "GUESS WHAT?"


(come to think of it, she called me with a "GUESS WHAT" and my answer was "you just got engaged")

Couple years later, "GUESS WHAT"  (it seems pretty obvious) She was expecting.

she was always appreciative of the connection we had, as was I.

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Played out just the way I thought it would.  Sad to watch Joe get the crap beat out of him on an already patched up knee.  Then late when he got hurt again?  They better start working on an O line.  Rams found/created those seams on D and exploited them.  Contained the wide receivers and focused on Mixon in the backfield. That was the ball game.

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Kupp was just named OPOY! No secret at all. That last drive by the Rams is on the Bengals DC for not double covering Kupp every second on every play. The 1 yard line was tough because they figured they had to stop the run so left their CB 1 on 1 with the OPOY! Bad move.  Tom Brady/Julian Edelman all over again.

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40 minutes ago, JL Sargent said:

6 weeks of Gisele bossing him around did it. 


 he's going to pile on the new Sponsorship Money , TB must have been Flooded with Offers coming out of the Ying  yang ,  his last year , he's cashing in  -- for another SB 

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