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SALE PENDING: 1976 Klipschorns - Consecutive Serial #s - Brand New AA Crossovers

Mighty McIntosh

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UPDATE: These speakers are under deposit. If/When sale is complete, I will mark them "sold."




I have just listed my Klipschorns on U.S. Audio Mart: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649648153-1976-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers-consecutive-serial-s-brand-new-type-aa-crossovers-tweeters-and-squa/ -- see that listing for details and pictures.


In that listing, I offer to replace, as needed, any tweeter and/or squawker driver(s) that may be worn out (though all the drivers sound to me like they're working fine). But instead of this modest guarantee (worth no more than $210 to replace with same from CritesSpeakers.com), as a gesture of my appreciation to the members of this forum, I am instead offering a 15% discount off the top of the asking price of $2,875: that works out to $2,443.75 for Klipschorn speakers (must have already been a member of this forum as of this past Thursday, 8/20/2020).


Pick up only. I live in Easthampton, Massachusetts. PM me if interested.


Mighty Klipschorns.jpg

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Under Deposit
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2 minutes ago, baron167 said:

Seems high on price...


I arrived at the price by looking up comparable sales:

On eBay, I found two listings for 1970s Khorns for $3,500 and $4,250, respectively.


The speakers are in good condition; not very good, and not fair (using U.S. Audio Mart's guidelines). If there is some other consideration that I am not taking account of, please let me know.

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