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KPT325 set up

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Not sure if this would apply to the 904 or not but I thought that I would throw it out...


I currently have a set of 325’s that I use for stereo/tv duty in my den and I had, for awhile, been struggling the best setup... in any case, I’d found having by the horns pointed too directly toward the general listening area lead to things feeling a bit too forward/direct for music... I’d tried adjusting toe angles and even pointing the horns down to reduce ceiling reflections but the magic actually started to happen when I angled them up?! 

I currently have them set to project about 32in above whereabouts my ear would rest and I couldn’t be happier. Could be room loading/acoustics but it seems a testament to not always following general assumptions on shooting everything straight at you....


Room is smallish at 13’w and 17’d. Do to constraints the speakers are only about 6’ apart.


Again, this is just something to throw out there...



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