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Klipsch in Newsweek.


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Kudos to the Klipsch marketing team if they are somehow involved. Or maybe it's just Klipsch fans in good positions. Newsweek has an article about setting up a HT. In it they go from good to better to best. The Klipsch R-7 series are the only specific speakers that they list under the best. Not bad, TechTV last week and Newseek today.

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>>Powered by a JVC? LOL<<

Yeah, the elitest bastard in me laughed at that being in the best category. However, I think being the enthusiasts that we are skews our thoughts on what is considered best. Relative to Krell and Lexicon it's a joke but in the real world where a lot of people live a $1,700 receiver is pretty damn good.

Sorry, I really didn't mean to get on a soapbox there. 9.gif

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