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ELO and Heritage


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SO, I have to ask.... How does ELO sound on heritage? And for you kiddies, ELO is a band from the 70's and ELO stands for Electic Light Orchestra2.gif

I have never even herd any heritage, but from what people describe of thier sound, gawd I bet ELO would just sound outstanding.

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Heh... Na, has builder been talking about ELO lately? I just happen to have my ELO greatest hits CD sitting on my desk last night and ploped it into my CD-ROM, got to thinking about how good it would sound on some KHorns or Belles

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La Scalas. ELO. Tubes. High volume levels. Wife by side. Goosebumps. Music intensity off the scale. Lose La Scalas when company colapses.


...She cried to the southern wind

About a love that was sure to end

Every dream in her heart was gone

Headin for a Showdown

Bad dreamer, whats your name

Looks like were ridin on the same train

Looks as through therell be more pain

Theres gonna be a Showdown...

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It's kinda funny in a way....we bought the albums when we were younger.. Then we bought the CD..then the CD with the master tape upgraded to digital..remastered... Now we have concerts of a band that NEVER sounded this good live in the origional days. But even better today! (Look and listen to The Eagles, When Hell Freezes over DVD case n point. About 2 million in gear and a great place to play, a great audience, cameras, sets, lights, engineers, clothing specialsts, and makeup LOL.)

Personally, what I think we all want, is like the origional MTV. We want the audio song and a video if it is availiable, no ther bull sh*t and just enjoy our songs from our youth. Were older now, can afford it, and quite frankly it's cool to hear what was a time in your life so special all over again.

Case and point- a friend went to see the group TOTO on a casino ship. Was about 100 fans, thats it, like a private concert. The guys talked to the fans between sets... signed CD"S and re lived glory days I guess too.

ELO cranked up on my cheap stereo as a kid long before Klipsch, was wonderful. Mr Blue Sky.. I am sure on a pair of K horns this DVD would be wonderful too.

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One of the ELO concerts I went to many years ago was in Shreveport, LA...Hirsch Mem. Colisseum. At that concert, I managed to get my 35mm Minolta inside, and wandered around the front area snapping away. Between the music, the light show, and the instruments and costumes, the pics came out fantastic! My younger brother was home on leave from the Air Force and made the concert trip with me. Before he left, I had the film developed, and he had some posters printed up of some of the pics. When he got back to Warner-Robbins AFB, his posters were the talk of his unit!! He still has them, too! LOL! Whenever I listen to ELO, I am reminded of that particular concert. I was close enough to the stage as I photographed to actually hear the instruments themselves, instead of just hearing the amplified sound from them! What an experience!! I still have some of the prints somewhere...maybe I can find them someday and post some of them...I will look through this mess here and see if they are around HERE instead of in storage...maybe this weekend.

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noticed they're using elo's "mr blue sky" in that new commercial for the vw beatle convertible. wonder if all these new commercials w/ the baby boomer "old" songs are getting these bands exposed to the younger crowd. like i heard "radar love" (by golden earring) on another commercial the other day. & "no matter what" by badfinger on will & grace. 9.gif

still waiting for argent "hold your head up" to resurface. 1.gif

anyway, love that tune "fire on high" by elo. some may remember that as the theme score for cbs sports years ago. & at the beginning of that tune there's some stuff backwards. if you have a turntable & spin it backwards you'll hear. warning though. may not be good for the stylus.

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Grabbed the ELO, Out of the Blue, that I picked up yesterday for a buck. Started with Side three, just happened to be on top. Sat down this morning with my coffee to catch up on my forum reading with ELO playing in the background and I hit this thread.

Just to weird.

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