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This was my war. "It's a shitty little war, but the one they gave us." 100's of thousands of us were places we weren't. Today, the Thailand Laos Cambodia Brotherhood still allows us to talk amongst ourselves. We were soldiers, and we died. When when we caught our freedom bird home we were instructed to not wear our uniforms in public unless we wanted to be abused.


This is the story of 9 who died where I was stationed at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. The actual film will be far longer and much richer. It will be edited by Four States Production Director of Production Darren Mercer and will be premiered nationally.

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2 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

You don't recall opening a go fund me page for your start up company or did I misinterpret what you wrote?

Don't cross examine me, turd...🤬 I've been at war since 7 November. You don't remember a lot of stuff that happens in a firefight.

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