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Heresy IV Question

Joe Carter

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Hi, I have a curiosity question. I have a pair of Heresy IVs and I’ve noticed after seeing photos of earlier editions of the Heresy with their rear panel removed. It seems they have a series of screws that can be removed in order to access the back of the speaker. My IVs have no such screws. There are screws on the plate holding the binding posts and there are screws on the port. Does this mean the back panel cannot be removed easily? If so, is this unusual? Keep in mind I have no reason to take the back panel off, I’m just curious.

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Hi @Joe Carter

This is what the panel does not retract on Heresy III and Heresy IV, because the speakers are mounted from the front. So to access the interior of Heresy IV you have to remove the bass speaker.


look here https://blog.son-video.com/2020/03/test-klipsch-heresy-iv-lenceinte-compacte-3-voies/



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17 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

the Heresy 1 was not a sealed cabinet , and the woofer-midrange-tweeter were  mounted from the inside of the cabinet------the Heresy 4 is a sealed cabinet ---with the drivers mounted from the outside


The Heresy IV is a ported cabinet, but the the cabinet is glued together (sealed), so the drivers are front mounted.

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