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Saint Peters!!! They don't want to go home! A 15 seed in the Elite 8? First time ever.

That was a heartbreaker for my Boilers. They played a bad game. But I’ll hand it to St Peter’s, their defense was excellent.

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St Peters is punching well above its weight class.  Nonetheless, I expect @Tarheel‘s UNC team to take them seriously, and to take them out.


The B1G sure strengthened the arguments of the small schools with 20+ victories that don’t make the tournament unless they win a conference championship tournament.  Nine B1G teams qualified, but none made it into the Elite Eight.


At this point it’s ABD (Anybody But Duke).  IMO, Coach K’s farewell tour is unseemly.  I don’t want it to turn into a victory lap.

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Kansas changed things up a bit the second half and knew they had to get it back or it was done.  At the 3 minute mark it was win or lose THEN they started ballin.  Ya knew it but it was balls to the wall and both teams responded.  That foot on the sideline when it was in bounded was crazy in itself.  That could have changed the entire out look had they gone into OT.  It's madness I tell ya!  lol  Great watch though.

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