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Enclosing backs of 86 Klipschorns


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can you clarify why he wants to enclose the backs? if he has decent corners in the room there is no reason or benefit to enclose the backs.  & if he doesnt have good corners the next best option is to build false corners based on PWKs plans.  

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On 2/4/2022 at 8:40 AM, boom3 said:

A friend just bought pair of 86 Klipschorns. He wants to enclose the backs. Does anyone have the dimensions of the boards required?


Prior to enclosing the backs of the khorn  you have to reinforce the bass bin  to avoid vibrations , so very  similar to a Jubilee 


1)- remove the rear tail piece and  add  3/4 inch braces under the older boards of the tail piece  at the top -center and bottom ,    this will allow for the rear panel to screw in flush  with the bass bin and to avoid screwing into or damaging  the older braces  of the tail piece -


2)- add  4  3/4 inch braces to both   sides of the bass bins ,  1 at the top , 1 at the bottom , 2   that are spaced at the center -


the  braces must leave a 3/4 inch space to allow the new 3/4 inch panels to fit flush  between the bass bins panels   and the rear panel . .

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6 minutes ago, kevinmi said:

I enclosed the backs of my K-Horns about 10 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I used 3/4 inch angle aluminum to mount my boards. I went with 1/2 inch plywood instead of 3/4 inch, and never had a vibration issue.

khorns are MADE FROM 1/2 inch plywood, so without even going thicker there should be NO issue, right?

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22 hours ago, boom3 said:

001  thanks, do you have any pictures of these braces?

Yes, my friends living room is not optimal, so enclosing the backs is a must. Anyone have the dimensions required for these boards?


depending on how bad the room corners are, you can also pivot/toe in the tops a small amount by removing the L brackets or wing nuts that attach the tops to the bass bins.  enclosing the backs is an option but they wont have the same bass response of being sealed in full corners since they are designed to use the walls as part of the horn.  

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20 hours ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

khorns are MADE FROM 1/2 inch plywood, so without even going thicker there should be NO issue, right?

Well that’s because of the complex nature of the back air chamber. If I was going to enclose the back of an older khorn, I would probably use 3/4” and brace it. That is a tall panel…..

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