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Belles of Unknown Origin


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Just got a line on a pair of Belles in my area and driving 2-1/2 hours to see them.  Owner is quite vague and doesn't seem to know much about them.  Asked for pics of labels or serial #'s and he says they are non existent on back of speaker.  Grainy camera picture of x/o doesn't allow me to see which x/o they have.  Any quick advice on identifying age etc. of them when I get there?  Were there any other label locations or stamps on the Belles?  Thanx

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From what I can tell the Klipsch Belle was made from 1971 through 2001. Crossover type and mid driver model will give you clues as to age to a certain degree but I'm not an expert on all things Belle. If it were me I'd be more concerned about cabinet condition over anything else as all parts old or new are readily available if replacements are needed. 

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Thanks for the tips.  They were in decent shape.  Couple corner and edge chips but overall walnut finish is pretty good.  If I'm reading the stamps correct they are consecutive '79 Belles w/ AA x/o's.  Talked him down to $1750.00 and loaded them up.  The owner was an odd collector w/ a basement full of speakers & equipment that he seems to know little about. A few pieces caught my eye including a pair of Altec Valencia's and a Sansui BA/CA3000 that needs some TLC.



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