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Documentary of The Vinyl Revival Released


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Somebody finally got around to making a documentary on the vinyl revival called Vinyl Nation. Starts streaming this weekend I think on something called TV-14. I have no idea what this is or if there are other ways to view it but I thought I'd pass it along.  Here's a link to the trailer:





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Very cool!!  


To me, the appeal of Vinyl is NOT that it sounds better. Because, well... ..it doesn't. Vinyl is challenged by off-center holes, limited dynamic range, wow/flutter in the master, inner-grove distortion, etc.. All that aside, it can still sound absolutely amazing AND there's no comparing the awesome liner notes, posters, pictures, cover art, etc.. of vinyl. ..Basically, the experience eluded to in this trailer.


Plus, because vinyl is so inconvenient to advance to the next song, its encourages the listener to take in the WHOLE album side which reveals the connectedness of the songs and possible themes that otherwise get missed.


Viva la Vinyl :)

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