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Cornwall 3 vs Cornwall 4 impression

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On 5/7/2022 at 7:16 AM, Chief bonehead said:

All the new series IV speakers are absolutely beautiful looking speakers compared to the older models, but the sound is another story.

Yes it is but only those who have heard them side by side should comment on their SOUND. This is especially true when they are experienced by a Group of experienced Klipsch owners of older models vs. new, like Roy did in Hope.


Without exception, everyone that hear the Cornwall IV vs. the III said it was a huge improvement. Different ports, woofer location, new mid horn, new mid driver, new tweeter horn, new tweeter driver, and totally different balancing network.


In name of facts and personal integrity in making claims. I tend to believe the opinions of a dozen people who were there as opposed to just words on the web. Beside, the term SYNERGY comes to mind here, and it 'aint about the Lumber!

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