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Jubilee thd @ 115db/1 meter ?


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On 7/19/2022 at 2:37 PM, mikebse2a3 said:


That would be Jubfest 2007 ….. 🙂


Pictures and it happened…….. 😆




I first assembled the JubScalas in 2008 with K510s, but it took another 9 years, until 2017, before I found a used pair of K402s.  At that point, I wasn’t even looking, then a pair popped up just a 90-minute ferry ride from me.  I plugged in the new Dx38 settings (510 out, 402 in), and I was good to go.  It was a real upgrade.  


Thanks for sharing your settings, Roy.


EDIT:  Also, thanks for the pix, Mike, and for your help when I was setting up the system.

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12 hours ago, Khornukopia said:

@Camplo, Your bottom woofer cabinets look unusual (to me). In your picture, I see a set of rods between the 2 driver flanges, and a corresponding ring of ends on the outside of the box. Are those rods all that secures the 2 cabinets together, or do the upper boxes get screwed down? Also, what is your 1 watt/1 meter SPL spec?








@Camplo , it was a bit hectic and perhaps not entirely fair on my part. I see that you are still reading along. Feel welcome to discuss here with all the interested people. It would be a pity if because of a heated start a further exchange would not take place. Please tell us which concept your speakers are based on. Feel free to talk about yourself and the plans of your project, even if it is not Klipsch. In this way everything can become very positive in the sense of a fair cooperation. Tell something about yourself, nothing too private, but where you live, what interests you about audio, maybe even something about your background. You have made promising hints about your professional audio background. It's not like this forum is just for disciples in a cult. No, I know this forum since 2006 and I can say that here is an open and fair exchange of knowledge and experience. And new input from people like you is always welcome. Thank you.

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Transient response to most audiophiles is generally understood  as a gauge to how quickly a speaker responds to signal . I’ve never  considered transient response as being related  to ultimate spl .( transient  peeks ) I believe that the OP is actually more interested in maximum undistorted output, or when compression of some sort begins to affect output  peaks . Actual Transient response would be  better measured in a time domain rather than in amplitude or output capability.

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Actually group delay does change with input level.... the Q of the drivers change with excursion also ☺️ Thd also can be looked at as affecting transient response. Its just that the distortions, thd and others seem to set in similarly... which makes sense being that we are dealing with reaching the outter limits of xmax and the surround. 

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Heres a measurement of the lower bass bins, close up. Less room in this measurement,





Whats your point? It seems you are not sure what to do with the measurements?  I took a measurement at 1m, at 115db, and I posted it already.... That measurement wasn't to show FR, considering the room is going to destroy the response due to reflections..... I didn't take time to voice the drivers and in combination with room influence...the response looks crazy....Even more confusing is the increasing sensitivity into the midrange of the  Acoustic elegance 18h+ and the slot cancellation. 

Long story short....after voicing and considering an anechoic response, I can get a pretty neutral response. under 2.5+/- with not a lot of filtering. The bass bins seem to fit well, till about 65hz, and then the mid takes over....


I posted the last measurements to show a response of the bass that was more like an anechoic chamber.......I don't have an anechoic chamber so I have to put the mic as close as possible to the drivers/exit in order to hopefully drown out as much room influence as possible.


Do you understand now?


would love to continue the conversation here, but the moderator/designer has chosen to limit my posting to whatever he finds appropriate...I've posted several times regarding details and loudspeaker design and the moderator never approves them....I think he's intimidated by my knowledge and doesn't want me to put his design under the microscope which might affect sales since this forum is basically a sales front. 


Catch you guys on the flip side!

Anyone wanting to learn a lot about loudspeaker design so that you too can judge speakers in the most critical sense, come on over to DIYaudio dot com where there are plenty of talented designers.


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