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On 8/22/2023 at 6:01 PM, AA7 said:

I thought they were consecutive but just realized they’re 1 number off. I’m currently located in South Georgia (US) on the coast. They mostly have water marks on the top from drinks and rubs on the corners. Also the speaker fabric looks like it should be replaced 😬

That's pretty typical, after a restoraition or two most owners go with glass tops for that very thing. Nice music, cocktails, some wine, it pretty easy to see what the drinks are going to end up no matter what you try to do to avoid that. 


Some some of the next questions you may have might be should you restore to maximize price. I can tell you what the general consensus has been. Unless you have significant experience with wood refinishing, have access to everything you need, it is typically not worth it. For either the grilles or to refinish both speakers/tops. 


We get about 2 - 4 inquiries a year exactly like yours. Sometimes the speakers look just like what you have, sometimes, brand new out of a box (literally). 


For those like yours, I don't think the recommendation has ever been do the restoration and sell, always the opposite, not worth the time, effort for the return (unless you happen to own a furniture refinishing/repair or that is already you favorite hobby). 


Some people hang on to their receipts, other Klipsch paperwork they received with the speaker,  if that was passed along you, be sure to mention that it will add a little value. 


I don't think the speakers would have historical significance that the Klipsch Museum of Audio History would be interested in them, but I will confirm with the Curator, Jim Hunter. Even then, it would be more of a situation of a donation and you could write off their full market value on your taxes. 


If you are looking for cash, I think the advice you have gotten thus far has been excellent. Put them in the Garage Sale Section when you have established a price, with the location of town or city near you, and they frequently go for a reasonable price. Be wary of newer members, or offers to send you more than you are asking, refund the difference, etc., internet scams using fack money orders, cashiers checks. Anybody how has been around here awhile you won't run into that problem, but brand new members we have no way of knowing. You would want an in-person, cash transaction. 


No commission, sellers fees with Garage Sale, and people can keep a friendly eye on you. There are some Facebook groups that are Klipsch related, and also Vintage Hi-Fi on Facebook where things like this are bought and sold, again no fees, but SELLER beware. You might be able to get slightly higher prices on those, it is up and down. 


My two cents. 



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On 8/24/2023 at 11:11 AM, billybob said:

Yes unless you are in a hurry, go high, that way you can test the market and can easily come down. Would wait till tomorrow after you decide and get more advice on price or...go with the above. Questions @AA7...?

When you say go high, how high do you think?

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