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Vintage Marantz vs Yamaha for CWIV?


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I’m loving my new HK430 paired with my Cornwalls but this just piques my curiosity since it’s my first vintage amp. I’m not really even expecting much if any improvement in sound. The HK has an occasional crackle in the speakers which makes me think it’s a good idea to have a back up in case it needs serviced.  I have a secondary office system with RP160s whereI would be using whichever one becomes the “back up”. The Marantz 2230 and 2245 have caught my interest since they’re not too astronomically priced yet. The midrange control is a nice touch as well. The Yamaha CR820/1020 is a little cheaper and also very good looking.  So is Marantz really worth the premium and do I need the extra power over the 2230 with Cornwalls mostly played at 70 db or less and rarely if ever over 80?  What about ease of service?  I’m guessing Marantz.

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On 10/14/2023 at 11:53 AM, Quad Khorns said:

These may help you make up your mind (or reassure your decision)


I bought this new in 1976 and just had a ground up premium restoration. The speakers weren't mine, just auditioning them with my 2230.




How much did your premium restoration cost you?  I am currently looking at having a Marantz 2285B restored.

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I love my 430 and think it is the bees knees.


There are a handful of transistors in the amp (and in the preamp) section that are known to go bad.  Easy to replace without removing boards, cheap to acquire.  Alternately could be the balance pot just needs a little cleaning courtesy of our friend DeOxIt.  Not sure you need a backup but I've used that excuse with my wife many times and it never seems to get questioned.  Backups of backups of backups.  🙂



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Just got the 730 in yesterday and hooked up. Not sure I can tell much difference if any from the 430. Didn’t really expect to but now I can hook up the sub through the pre outs. Thing is, I’m in no hurry to hook it up because these receivers make great bass!  For the first time since I bought these speakers, I’m just listening and enjoying without analyzing everything. I swear these things were made for my Cornwalls!  

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