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Heresy 2

Aris T.

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2 hours ago, KT88 said:

I am not so sure about that, Randy, they could loose there balance a bit and do not melt with the room so nicely. The angle of the small stands makes some sense.

hey whatever works , is fine with me , I have 2 pairs of Heresy ,  they sit higher up , but if someone likes em better lower , great 

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I'd just shuffle some things around a bit moving the Heresy's into position and enjoy them right now.  Throw some favorites at 'em and kick back.  Let your ears be your guide and relish the moments.  You may not even like them but I can't really say I know anyone that doesn't like PWK's gems that has them.  Save that egg money for a pair of Cornwalls or LS down the road.  Poppycock?  hahaha  Just let the drooling begin now and enjoy.  You can always A/B both pair or just switch them around for a different sound if you want.  PWK's speakers will take ya for a ride and a half so enjoy.  


Klipsch gear is a lot like fishin.  That pair of Heresy of yours just took the bait the bobber went down and ya jerked 'em out.  It get's worse on the wallet down the road cause ya gotta be that king fisherman.  Ya go from worms to minnows, then to cut bait and fish the deeper waters.  How long can you hold your breath?  Want outta the stream, lake and into the ocean?  Don't forget your life jacket!  lolol  Crank 'em and chill.   Step at a time. 😂

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