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Vintage LaScala’s VS 396’s


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Hey guys im really struggling with something here! 🤣
I have my 1976 all original LaScala’s up for sale and was going to get pair of the pro 396’s Cory has available at a fantastic price to fill the void. Im having second thoughts creep in as too whetherbrhe 396 will be a  lateral move or slight step back. I cant afford to buy new LS or even keep both. The LS are all ive known for the past 6 years and i know the sound signature of the 47yr old LS and the pros will be completely different. But in a good way. Maybe i just rebuild the LS with new Klipsch parts? Once these are gone they’re gone but ive really wanted a brand new pair of Klipsch for sometime now.
Thoughts and opinions????

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I bought a barn find 1987 La Scala's that were so beat up that they had to be at a minimum reskinned before my wife would allow them in the house.


While they were in rough shape the base bin was still in solid shape and still sounded great with that Live Sound that all La Scala's of this time period.


Just FYI there were two different tweeters, the squakers were still good but one of the woofers had a whole on the paper part of the speaker


If you really love that Live Sound, then replace the oil capacitors on the cross overs and stop.


I choose to "Update" my La Scala's, 1/2 inch MDF on all exterior sides, this eliminated all cabinet resonance and really eliminated that Live sound, but did give a more refined sound closer to the newer models, I bought all new drivers for both speakers along with new cross overs. The result for me was a more refined sound similar to the newer versions.


So you really need to think what your end goal is and go from there. That Live Sound is unique and most enjoyable in the older La Scala's.


Remember it is all about enjoying the Music



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Why not have a look for a clean pair of La Scala IIs?  They look much better than the original type LS, and sound better too, with stronger bass and cleaner treble.  They've been out for a little while, so they're starting to show up on the used market.  They've only been out since 2006, so mint one-owner models are not rare, plus the prices can be surprisingly good.  It seems that La Scalas, and other Heritage Series speakers, depreciate at first as you would expect, but after 20 years or so the prices start to creep back up, so by around 30 years of age, they'll come close to their original selling price.  I paid $1200 CAD for my 32-year-old La Scalas in 2006, and they sold for $1050 USD in 1974.  See what I mean?  Used LS2s are a bargain now, and will be for at least another 15 years.  I found mine in the Garage Section here on the Forum, but there's also US Audio Mart, as well as several other sites to check.  As always, the two keys are patience and cash.  Keep looking every week, and be ready to jump in with the money when you see what you've been looking for.


What to do with your perfectly fine 1976 La Scalas?  In my case, I thought about it for a few minutes, decided I didn't want to deal with the hassle of selling my 1974 La Scalas, and pushed them behind and to the side of the sofa and armchair, put them on 13"/30 cm risers so they wouldn't be firing directly into the furniture, and hooked them up to the Surround speaker cables, replacing the Heresy IIs I had been using.  I also got a good price for the very clean 1990 Heresy IIs, so it became a practical decision.  Decadent?  Sure, but Surround Sound is now more even, like when watching any of the various Star Trek series.  You can hear the background engine sounds all around, with no sense of a division or distinction between the front part of the system and the rear section.  The good old boys are now 49 years old, and still sound great.  All that's been replaced are the capacitors and the tweeters (in 2006), so they should be good for another 20-30 years before they need any attention beyond dusting them.


Just a thought.  Also, your wife will probably like the better styling of the LS2s.  They really did upgrade the look of my living room, while the black OG La Scalas are less noticeable behind the furniture.

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