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K402 horns versus JBL


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These JBL horns are considered very good, but they aren't in the same category and the Klipsch K402. These have a 1.5 inch throat, limiting drivers, however, they would perhaps be fine with a variety of 1.4 inch throat drivers. A spacer with a slight, very slight taper could provide a match-up between the 1.4-1.5 difference.


They are also not very expensive.



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On 10/30/2023 at 3:33 AM, BigRob573 said:

My mistake. I didn’t see where this couldn’t be mentioned. Please accept my apologies 


No worries, you didn't know.  However, there used to be a lot of discussion on this forum about various mods, sometimes using non-Klipsch parts, that would address various perceived imperfections in the speakers, mostly Heritage Series models.  When it got to the point of sounding like "This model sounds like crap until you do this to them", using such-and-such parts that would have been impractical to have been used in factory production, changes were made to the Forum, and sadly, some of the more active and interesting members left.  There was a Mods and Repairs section, but now it's called Technical/Restoration, because it was starting to come across as "Sure, the engineers at Klipsch do a great job, but listen to what I've come up with.  It's so much better.", which understandably rubbed people at the company the wrong way.  Nowadays, the Technical/Restoration section is all about returning older models to their original brand-new performance, or upgrading them using Klipsch upgrade kits.  One of these kits is for the Heresy II, and upgrades it to complete Heresy III spec, for only around $300.  I bought one for a Heresy II that I was using for a front centre channel (it's since been replaced by a Belle Klipsch, and the Heresy III is now the rear centre speaker in my 6.2 system), and can highly recommend it, since it's very complete, and the improvements are immediately obvious.


Accordingly, now discussion of modding Klipsch speakers with non-Klipsch parts is strongly discouraged.

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They send all new parts...


Now there's a complete set of Heresy II parts. I would build or have built a set of Tangent 400 cabinets for the parts. That would make a nice set of rears or set for another room. Tangent 400s have the exact same parts as the HIIs, with deeper bass. This is a win/win.


Wish I could afford the upgrade kits before they finally run out.

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