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Cornwall IV crackle

Nick Blow

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39 minutes ago, Nick Blow said:

I usually play it at 7-8 o’clock. If it gets to 9 it’s really too Loud for the room. 
like I said when it doesn’t  crackle it sounds amazing.


just now it’s stopped for for the last 15’. Listening to Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. So clear. Like they are in the room.


Extremely unlikely that your amplifier is having any difficulty due to the loudspeakers. It has most likely developed an intermittent internal failure if you have isolated the problem to the amplifier versus upstream components.



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19 minutes ago, mikebse2a3 said:

Very bad advise based on information the OP has posted so far and simply because he is experiencing intermittent crackling and pops doesn't automatically equate to amplifier overload or overheating and he hasn't reported any overheating of the amplifier.


 you forgot this  :D


On 11/9/2023 at 3:49 PM, Nick Blow said:

Hi All,

  I have an inkling that my teenage  daughters played it loud while home alone two weekends ago. The volume dial was a 12 o’clock. 

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Thanks all. It’s very helpful. It’s not overheating. It actually improves the longer it’s in use. I’ll try and find someone to check the amp out. Like you say the main thing is the speakers are ok. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


i will swap the amps around. I have another Sugden in my DJ room. That one is brand new. The other was secondhand but from a reputable dealer. 

i really appreciate your help.

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