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"If you don't like the brightness of Klipsch, don't get Paradigm as they are even brighter."

Justin how many times did I have to remind you to lower the gain on your hearing aids?


Please,the Paradigm Studio series are not as bright as some would like to make them.I owned the Studio 60's and belive me Paradigm Studio series are NOT bright.Not as refined and smooth as soft dome tweeters can be(Dyanudio Esotec and Esotar)but not bright.

The RF7's and RC7 could be described as being bright and edgy of bad recordings.

Paradigm bright...

6.gif4.gif too much

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On 7/31/2003 6:22:16 PM MichaelShaffer wrote:

I guess I should get a subwoofer and a real cd player before I make up my mind. Right now I'm using my computer to play mp3s which probably doesn't sound the best.


it took me about a week to get used to the "real" horns. my ears fatigued easily even at a moderate volume, and the sound seemed to pierce my ears when I turned the RB-5's a bit more. but now that I or the RB-5's are broken-in in a way, I can't get enough of these at high volume where the sound kicks into gear. this is just about the time I tried bi-wiring and that resulted in bolder highs as it really stands out in the soundstage. can't find any improvement in the woofers from bi-wiring, though. however when I have the promedia 5.1 and the RB-5's playing together, the promedia's bass(while hitting lower) gets overpowered by the RB-5's unlike when I first got those. you bought the RB-35's from sounddistributor.com, correct? can you return/exchange those after waiting out for a subwoofer? if the problem is with the horns, how would a subwoofer help? do you know anyone with audiophile gears? try using a better source and/or power. give klipsch a REAL chance to shine, and if you still don't like what you hear, carefully audit some speakers at audio sellers, relative/friend's houses, whatever you need to get the sound just right.

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Unfortunately there is a dearth of reasonably priced, good sounding horn/woofer speakers in todays market. It seems the niche is being addressed by fairly expensive botique (bad speller) stuff or the very high end only. Thank you Klipsch for keeping the fairly priced option open.

If it is horns that please you, new speakers and in the price range of the Klipschs you mentioned, then you are where you need to be. I don't think they can be beat.

The used market opens whole new possibilities in the horn based arena.

As to non horns - In the price range you will find a multitude of cone based speaker offerings. Here though, there is some chance that there is radically different sound and quality at the same price. As I have heard and heard from those I trust - a couple of loudspeaker manufacturers come to mind - The paras that you are already looking at and the oft maligned Rockets are two of my favorites.

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Paradigm is an option. While I'm not really fan of their Studio speakers, they just revamped the whole line. Supposedly, the tweeters have been improved, they are a lot smoother. Also the bass has tightened up. If you can't afford the Studios, you might still be able to find some deals on the old Studios and there's the Monitor line you can look at.

You can also look at JMlab. I really like JMlab speakers. I recently bought a pair of the Electra 906's and really enjoy them. While the Electras may be out of your price range, there's the Chorus line you can look at, and possibly the Cobalt line. The Cobalt line was recently changed, they now incorporate technologies from the Electra line. If the current Cobalts are too much, you might be able to find some older ones for cheap.

Totem Acoustic, the Mite is an amazing little speaker. A surprising amount of bass can come out of those little guys.

Monitor Audio, look at offerings from the Bronze line and possibly the Silver line.

B&W, look at the 600 and CM Series.

Energy is another option. The Connoisseur line offers a great value. Also, I've just learned Energy is changing their Veritas line soon, so you might be able to find some good deals on them.

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Magneplanar MMG at $550 a pair is affordable and available to everyone. Order directly from Magnepan by calling 1-800-474-1646.


If horns don't do it for you, then maybe planar loudspeakers are the way for you to go. If Klipsch didn't exist at all, that's where I'd go (again...I also owned a pair of Magneplanar MGLR1...excellent loudspeakers)!

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Jim has something going with the Magneplanar MMG,Magnepans have amazing transparency UNMATCHED my all the box speakers listed.

And at the prices they sell for are a downright steal,for anyone who listens to blues,jass,classical and acoustic instruments the Magnepans are a pure delight.

You just need a real good quality amp with Magnepans

For the other recomendations the Totem line is something special,I had the Mite at home for two months and ended up trading up for the ROKK.The ROKK is an even better speaker,exemplary midrange and soft upper end.With bass that will surprise most with its depth.I also have the TABU,the Tabu starts to lean on the expensive side but sounds amazing,its transparent to the extreme for a box speaker(no wonder the capacitorless crossover really works).

The new Paradigm Studio series are much imroved overall,the upper scale is smoother.The midrange remains as uncolored and the bass more defined.Driver and cabinet quality is a full step up from the previous Studio series.Finish quality is damn good too,I was impressed how good the finish is!Plus the new Studio 20 sells for around $1000 Canadian! A steal The new Studio 60's are $1899 Canadian! Built quality is as good as many High-End speakers costing many times more,and its no joke.

SO the contenders would be Magneplanar,Totem and the new Paradigm Studio series.Paradigm will release an even higher end speakers soon!Paradigm shows its constantly improving overall quality.

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If I'm not mistaken, EAR was defending Klipsch loudspeakers from a past forum member (who WILL remain nameless) who was totally trashing the entire Klipsch line over a pair of Paradigms he had just bought (don't recall the model, but I believe they were a less expensive Paradigm model that isn't nearly as refined as their most expensive models discussed here, and surely don't compare to the Klipsch Reference Series). Good ol' EAR may have been a little harsh on Paradigm throughout that thread, but that talk was mostly to shut the traitor up from trashing Klipsch (we all know that Paradigm make great loudspeakers as well).

As a side note...I feel it must be said that there's absolutely no reason why any of us can't be passionate about other loudspeakers from other manufacturers. We all love Klipsch...that's why we're all here, that much is certain. And EAR is very much pro-Klipsch, just like us. And he's also very passionate about loudspeakers from Dynaudio, Avalon Acoustics, Totem, and others, just as I am about Magnepan, Acoustic Energy, EgglestonWorks, etc...even old Carver Amazing Loudspeakers! EAR may say things that others may only think about to themselves, but I respect his opinion on audio...he has an awful lot of gear to base his opinions on!

Just my thoughts on the matter...

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Thanks Jim,well said.

You know I think I should change my avatar and nickname,as the avatar does not inspire any serious or trust.And my sig reads like a teenager who is about to flood the board.

Soon I will have to switch the avatar.

Now as Jim said the poster in question came to this Klipsch board and spit all over Klipsch and good Klipsch owners.This said I gave him back a bit of his medicine(bad choice as all remember).

I respect Paradigm,the upper level products they manufacture are great speakers and two good subs(PS2200 and Servo-15).And the new Studio lineup is really a thing of beauty for the price(in Canada its a steal),also Paradigm will have a Servo-25 subs(srvo-15 on steroids)plus a new ubber lineup with gorgeous finishes and true high-end drivers.

My first ever quality speakers were the modest Paradigm ATOM,yes the ATOM.From there I went on up

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Maybe change the avatar and sig, but keep the nickname "TheEAR"...afterall, it's the name that instills wisdom and knowledge in all things audio! It's your ears (and the way you listen) that got you here, and the name that we've all come to appreciate (and Klipsch-bashers fear)!11.gif

Are you really 4'5" and green?9.gif

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