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Khorns for sale in Atlanta


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After 23 years of marriage and no kids, my wife and I are adopting two young boys. They've been with us for a while and I forgot how active boys are. Anyway, in order to maintain my sanity, I'm going to make my music room into a playroom for them. The downside of this development is that I have to sell my Khorns. They are oiled 1985 walnut, w/ALK crossover. I am the second owner. They are in 8+/10 condition and sound great. I've caulked the mid and tweeter horns, woofer basket and rewired the speaker. I'm offering them here first. $2200. pick-up only. If you're paranoid, I can provide photos of the Khorns in a few days

Mike Masztal



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I can't speak for Smilin, but he wants a set of Khorns pretty bad. Give him a shout and ask him if he can live with OW Khorns and Zebrawood Cornwalls. I don't think there are many Zwood Khorns around. He'll pull the trigger faster than anyone in that eight page thread if he is interested.1.gif

And bless you for taking in two boys and giving them a great home. You are special people for sharing that much love with those who truly need it! Really smilin now!!!1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif

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Do the Khorns really take up that much room that it can't be a playroom by day and a stereo listening room by night? Yes boys are active and they're likely going to put a few dings and scratches in them, but I don't think that's going to make a bit of difference in the sound quality. I'd take beat up and dinged Khorns over no Khorns any day.

Wonderful what you are doing for the kids.


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Believe me, I thought about that, but when I saw how active a 7 and 9 year old boys are, the chances of my stuff getting smashed is pretty good. My gear is on a Grand Prix Audio stand, so it's in the open. I can see the 7 yo throwing his Transformer/Hot Wheel/GI Joe/fill in the blank and obliterating one of the 300B or knocking the CD t-port off the stand.

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Great to hear about you growing family. Children are only a secondary blessing to a loving spouse.




After 21 years of marrige, 4 kids ages 8-20, 3 dogs and 3 cats...I know more about kids than audio

The love and logic program is great parenting skills and it has made my marrige more satisfying as well. My wife and I are a unified voice no child gets between us.


Keep the K horns

cage the amps

toys are not made to be thrown

balls are made to be thrown and only outside

ping pong ball fights with grandpa are a rare exception

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The only thing I'm selling is the Khorns. All the electronics are staying and moving to my bedroom. I just need a different speaker for the time.

A-Flynn: Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the website. The kids (brothers) came out of lousy environment. It's taking a lot of work getting them settled in- new school, church, etc.

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The best suggestion I can make is do not be their friend.

Be a consultative parent.

Choices with consequences; the consequences must be well known and enforced every time without fail.

You have a very rewarding path a head.

You and your wife are saints.

My 2 oldest came out so well they help enforce the consequences with the younger 2. never a day off for a parent.


Keep the KHORNS or trade for Industrial LaScalas they can take a beating.


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Smilin responded in the "Khorns in Cali" thread. After dealing with the axxhole on the EBay auction, he doesn't want anything to do with remote transactions where he can't lay his hands on the speakers. I don't blame him, and I'll try to find him a set closer to Chicago.

In the meantime, I'll make sure everyone that comes here Friday gets a chance to look at your thread. Hopefully someone will bite, or you get a forum member to spring for them shortly.

When do you get to formalize the adoption? As you already know, one of the best approaches both of you can take is a consistent, pattern-based upbringing. Mom and Dad raised seven of us, and we knew the groundrules. We didn't always observe them, but we definitely knew what they were.

Also let them know that no matter what they do wrong or bad, that you two are the first ones they should tell, because you love them. Thanks again for showing us what is truly the most treasured gift in life - holding someone and saying you love them!9.gif12.gif

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You want to trade?

I have a pair of Lascala's,Cornwalls,Heresy's,KLF20's and 3 KLF-C7's.

I want to buy a pair in May (Xmas wiped me out).

I think it is awesome what you and your wife did. I wish that there were more people like you who would take kids who need help into their homes.


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