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Marketing, Adriel, marketing is my guess... Klipsch is looking to get more exposure for upscale products in high volume dealer sound rooms. At least the wire in your new Reference probably isn't adding as much cost since Monster is getting some hype value as well. In any event, a little Monster in your mains is probably better than what has been there.

Increased marketing success in popularized lines means a greater likelihood that the "Klipsch Sound" will be preserved in her offerings for the likes of you and me. I don't mind the "mainstreaming" if they preserve their audio backwater Heritage.cwm19.gif HornEd


"A Klipsch Powered HT Where Legends Live!"

Front Sound Stage:

KLF C7 Center, KLF 30 Mains, KLF 10 Front Effects

Background Sound Stage:

KLF 30 L&R Side/Surrounds, KLF 30 L&R Rear Effects

Large Mouth Bass:

Twin SVS CS-Ultra / Samson 1000 Subwoofer

Speaker Support Systems:

Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65", Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

and such... Tweakin' On!

Cornwall II Music Room Under Construction

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I too, was a bit taken by the pairing. I've always though monster was overpriced hype. I find that Rad Shack is equally as good for much cheaper. I hope they don't jack up the price on us, just because monster cable is being used.

However, I am glad that they finally decided to do something about those scrawny internal wires. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link. It seems so stupid to use such expensive cable, when the receiver and speakers use such crap. It's like walking a tightrope with dental floss at the ends and 10 inch rope in the middle.



KG 5.5 (mains)

KG 2.2v (center)

KG 1 (rears)

KSW-12 (sub)

Denon AVR 681/1601

Toshiba SD-3109 DVD

Kenwood LVD700 LD

Sony CD changer

Sony 27" Trinitron

Sony PLX I

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There's nothing wrong with Monster. I ran a pair of Khorns and Hersey II's of Monster OMC 20/20 for several years, then test drove a set of big buck Audioquest Midnight Blues at 20X the cost and no difference, preferred Monster AND the cheap price! All my other cables are Monster as well, no complaints from someone who has used their product for a few years. Their prices may be abit high, but are you going to pay 5K for speaker wire?!

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I'm with Boomer9911. I think Monster makes decent cables at reasonable prices. I guess it depends on what you are comparing their prices to, but I like their M series interconnects and think they are a decent value.

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I think it was quite a smart move actually,

first, every store I have ever seen that sold Klipsch also sold Monster cable - so the customer base (and it ain't us, guys) recognizes the name, plus putting a brand name on something like the internal wiring adds to the impression of quality construction -

it was a smart move, expecially when you look ahead and see what other HT products will be coming from a speaker company that now owns an amplifier with a brand name ...

I do not know who owns the cable and interconnect segment of the home theater and audio market, but if you told me it was a high end brand like Kimber, I would be surprised,

my guess is that it is Monster and that their thick copper cables are a perfect match for Klipsch's copper colored cones ...

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Well, here's a no win situation...

no matter WHAT brand of premium cable Klipsch had chosen (Kimber, Nordost, Goertz, Straightwire, Audioquest, MIT, Monster, whatever) I'm sure there'd be a bunch of us crying that they'd backed the wrong horse, that the cable from XYZ company was a MUCH better choice and represented a MUCH better cost/benefit ratio than the cable from ABC that they selected.

As far as the non-audio-fringies like us go, who has the biggest market recognition? Probably Monster. Who's name is going to trigger a "gee, cool, they used some high grade cable in there..." response to the ad in Car & Driver? Monster's would be my guess.

And in any case, whether you think Monster was the BEST choice, I think it was at least an ADEQUATE choice, and I think it was Thomas J. Watson (HornEd? You remember?) who was quoted as saying that to succede in business, you don't have to be the BEST - you don't even have to be GOOD - you just have to be ADEQUATE.

Of course, look where they are today...



Music is art

Audio is engineering

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As usual, Ray, I think you are right on the money. BTW, I live on the foggy side of San Bruno Mountain... and Monster's HQ is on the sunny side, five minutes away. I used a lot of their products, and scratched my head a few times at the checkout counter. But, then, I remember when their "adequate" $100+ connectors brought a 60 seat showroom theater to life... and completely fooled Hard Rock Cafe's top audio engineers as to how much I had spent on my "homebrew" system. Eventually, it paid off a whole lot more than a lifetime of buying Monster products. Yep, "adequate" is a big step up from what's usually available in the marketplace.

Thanks for reminding us Ray. cwm15.gif HornEd

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There is really no such thing as a high-end cable company that doesn't overcharge for their products. The really high-end cables have much more mark-up and therefore less value than Monster products. Klipsch chose Monster because that have been using Monster wire for several years in the Heritage Line.


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Well Klipsch and Monster Cable huh ?? I am very new to the home theater world and have some monster cable wiring and Toslink Cables in my system so I am not too suprised to see the pairing. Cables and wires are pretty much the weakest link in any home scenario anyway so why not have a big time name like monster cable on the inside. This sounds like a huge win win marketing stragety for everyone if you ask me. You have the Klipsch name which is not that well known at all. You now have ( I am guessing here ) a big monster cable sticker or a poster somewhere saying that Monster is now on the insideof Klipsch speakers, and you got a salesman that is going to sell monster cables at his store.

Now Granted I am a novice at the HT world but I know enough to start my first HT with Klipsch and yeah I recoginized all the hype with wiring was just that !! HYPE !! This could be a edge that Klipsch could use to gain a market foot hold. Who knows ????? Like I said I am new at this so go easy on me guys.


This is my first Home Theater so kinda bare with me.

Speakers Klipsch Quintets

Reciever Sony DB-930

MiniDisc Sony MDS-JE510

LaserDisc Pioneer CLD-990

CD player Kenwood DP-R4430

Subwoofer Mirage FRX-15 300 watt

DVD RCA that needs to be upgraded and given to my Dad because he has a bose system and would not know the difference

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Nursoe---You think wires are the weakest link in a rig?!? The loudspeaker being a very imperfect mechanical device is far more a problem than a passive thing like a piece of wire. Would you rather have 1970s Khorns wired as they were with bell wire or have (name your crummy speaker of choice) wired with Monster. This whole wire thing is a lot of nonsense and only sprangup with the entrance of the baby-boomers, and thier need for conspicuous consumption and self-generated mythology (and thier unprecedented gullibility and ability to con themselves), into the hi-fi market. If otherwise fully functional wires made a difference them Wente, Thuras, Lansing, Hilliard and Olson would have known it in the 1930s and PWK wouldn't have wired his speakers with bell wire. No doubt that some bad "high-end" wires act as EQ, if a fella needs EQ there are better ways to do it.

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