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OT I bought the jet ski


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155hp and the ski pole is retractable/removable.

It also comes with 2 different keys. One of the keys limits the engine rpms so a rider can get about 55% of full speed and the other keys allows full speed.

I ended up going with the 4 stroke engine for ease of use for the entire family. Just put gas in and go.

Not one dealer would budge on MSRP but instead they include the trailer, cover, lifejackets and other goodies. In the end it was much more than I ever thought of paying for one but I can not wait to get it on the water.

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this is our first water craft. It may be sometime before my son gets up on skis/ski. I will be able to tell you how much the kids enjoy tubing. The dealer put me in contact with an owner of this machines baby bro, same engine just some cosemetic differences, and he assured me that pull 2 tubes or a skier is like a hot knife going through butter.

So I told my wife about it and she said we can't afford it. I expected that and if she didn't say it it would worry me. thenshe started asing a number of questions like;

Would we be able to tube/ski with it

4 stroke or 2 stroke and is four stroke easier for me (meaning her)

can my escape tow it

are there any 2003 left overs

how much are life jackets

is it a 3 seater

then the closing comment

lets wait til next year.

Never how much is was, of course this is where the secret sluch fund comes in. I threw wome money at it to get the payments very low. I wish I didn't have to work today.......

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That one looks awesome! I rode a couple of Sea-Doo's while visiting family in S. Texas. He had the three person one and the XP version, the XP was a rocket it zippes along at close to 70MPH while the 3 person one topped out around 55. The 3 person one did a great job at pulling around a tube, most fun I have had on the water in sometime. We have a huge lake to play on in my area (Lake Champlain) and I wish I had one. I just can justify it since winters are so damn long and the water does not get warm until around now or early Aug.

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Great...another noisy PWC to add to our waterways. No doubt we can count on you to decrease the swan population with that, that, that thing. I can almost hear the fish choking from the obnoxious fumes as I type this. I guess dock owners need to start ordering lumber for when you bash into one. Hell, I might just give up boating altogether. 11.gif

JUST KIDDING!!!!! 10.gif9.gif

WAY TO GO MAN!!! 1.gif

That is a great PWC! And you did the right thing going with the 4-Tec engine. That motor is a great design and puts out power in the right rpm range. I think you'll be shocked at the hole-shot. It's awesome!! And once you get use to it, try rolling along at 20 or 30 mph, back off the throttle, yank the F-N-R to reverse, and nail the throttle. Why...you'll be back in the submarine business!! 6.gif

Now DOO the right thing and start Google searching for an intake grate and maybe some Hydro-Turf and towables and coolers and......

Congrats!! 1.gif


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Hmmmm....let's see now. Where's that scoresheet........oh, yeah:

Swans 100 pts

Ducks 75 pts

Fishing Boats 50 pts

Wading Fisherman 150 pts

Swimmers -50 pts

Sailboats 1000 pts

Blue Heron 500 pts

Docks -100 pts (plus damages)

Another PWC 0 pts

-Just kiddin'! 9.gif Hey, Tom started it!2.gif

Have a blast out there! Nice-looking machine!!

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thank you for that feed back. I tried and tried but they basically told me no no and no again. As soon as I mentioned a price they pulled out the 2 stroke models, as soon as I mentioned 4 stroke models they put the price back up on top.

thanks for the support. I can't wait until sunday.......Voom voom


topping out at 55 mph, I would say that is buzzing right along.


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well I took it out today, and I really need practice backing up with a trailer.

The thing scream and at 62 with a little more trottle to go I was holding on for dear life.

Easily hits 58 with 400 pounds of rider, turns on dime. the OPAS system is very useful.

I did manage to roll it with 3 people on it. It happens very quick and it takes one by surprise. it was a lot of fun and the dangers are pretty evident.

All in all what a heck of a toy.


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