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Trey Cannon

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Hey Trey -

I hope I've been around here long enough for you to know that I'm not trying to be a poo-head, but why did you guys wait so long before you shut it down?

I might be speaking out of turn, but you guys kinda created the perception that you were gonna allow the thread to continue since we were all playing together nicely in the sandbox. 1.gif


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On 9/17/2004 8:35:59 PM white_shadow wrote:

I feel violated in some way. This is so un-American.

Were not debating who's gonna be the next mayor of BFE. It's the Presidency of the U.S. What better to discuss anywhere and at anytime. Even on an audio board.

As long as the boys and girls can play without hurting each other, let them play.

Remember where you are!

This is a forum run by a privatly held company for the soul benefit of promoting their products. The fact we can talk about cars, guns, friend, etc. is great. There are THOUSANDS of forums to discuss politics, and if this one does not want to be included, so be it.

YOU can choose to go to a forum where you can discuss ANYTHING, that is so very American.

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Good job Trey.

I've pointed out before that ham radio from almost a century ago adopted an unwritten rule of, "No sex, religion, or politics." Probably the network of telegraphers going back 1.5 centuries on commercial lines had the same rule for chit chat.

This must be inforced.

OTOH, it entertaining to discuss some personal stuff. It is somewhat an ad hoc decision and drawing the line is difficult.

SO's are okay if we don't get into sex. Religion is okay if we're sending a prayer to someone who has suffered a loss. Military service is okay if we don't stray into the reasons why people are being sent somewhere.

For the most part (and with some glaring exceptions), I note that folks starting a topic have not started with SRP, it is the responses which tend to hijack into those areas.



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