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DVD concert video recommendations?


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While in a Frys one day I heard the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" live concert DVD playing in the HT demo room. The system in question was a Harmon/Kardon dvd player on a Harman/Kardon A/V receiver w/ some high end Polk HT mains and sub. The system actually sounded pretty good as the Polks have a warm sound to them at moderate volume. This pretty much kicked the HT project into action as I have been planning to get to it for about five years. Well after a visit to the local Good Guys and some spectacular luck I was the proud owner of a pair of RF5s and an RWS-10 (which was latter returned for an RSW-12). The audio and video quality of the Eagles DVD is just spectacular. Now that I am totally hooked on this DVD concert thing can anyone recommend some titles w/ as good a presentation as this DVD. I went out on a limb an purchased a Sade concert DVD as I am a fan of her music. Unfortunately the quality of this dvd is so poor it looks and sounds like a bootleg. As far as musical taste is concerned, I am all over the map so I am open to any suggestions and musical taste. Thanks for the advice.

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Still the best audio quality I have heard Steely Dan(two against nature show)Fogerty,The Cult Live,Doobie bros,Bad Co,Blues Travelers,Blue Oyster Cult,Frampton in Detroit,Tom Petty,Joe Satriani,Who from 2001,Roger Waters flesh,Chicago live.Off the top of my head these are some first rate shows with very good audio quality.

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These are probably listed someplace on gtDark's two threads:

Not in any particular order:

Led Zeppelin: DVD

Heart: Alive in Seattle

Peter Frampton: Live in Detroit

Peter Gabriel: Growing Up Live

Genesis (Phil Collins): The way we walk tour

Just a notch down from the above:

Fleetwood Mac: Live in Boston (Christine McVie is missing from the group and a rather uninspired showing by Stevie Nicks)

Blue Man Group: The complex rock tour Live (The visual quality suffers at times due to all of the blue lighting).

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must agree on Diana Krall...oh yes...10.gif

Just some of what I have, in no specific order, just off the top of meee head

Ray Charles - Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra(*****)

Rush...Live in Rio

Eric Clapton live in Hyde Park(*****)

Rolling Stones live Bridges to Babylon Tour

Dave Matthews Band Live - Listener Support

Styx Reunion Live in Chicago

Supertramp....The Story So Far....

Metallica - Cunning Stunts

Led Zeppelin - self titled

Alice Cooper - Brutality Live

Lynryd Skynyrd - Freebird, The Movie

YES - Live at the House of Blues

John Fogerty - Premonition(*****)

Nazareth Live - Homecomings

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live from Austin Texas

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

Black Sabbath - The Last Supper

Bryan Adams - Live at Slane Castle(***** - Ireland)

Bad Company in Concert - Merchants of Cool(*****)

Billy Joel - Live at Yankee Stadium

Elton John - Live at Madison Square Gardens

Ozzy Osbourne - Live and Loud

The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over

Simon and Garfunkel - Live in Central Park

Queen Live in Wimbley Stadium

Rodger Waters - Live in Berlin, The Wall(I was there with 600,000+ other people...what a blast..10.gif)

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Guest David Copenhaver

Metallica S&M- It is amazing to me how well heavy metal transposes to all of the instruments in a full orchestra.

If you like that, look for Apocolyptica. This is four cellos playing Metallica, and a few classical pieces on occasion. 9.gif

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On 12/2/2004 9:14:40 PM captain wrote:

Coin flip between Eric Clapton.... One More Car One More Rider, Eagles...HFO. I own most of the Favorites and In my opion these two set the standard.


Okay, this might just be me then...

I find that "Hell Freezes Over" in DTS has popping sounds on the Hotel California track. They are absent in Stereo, but the stereo mix has WAY more bass than the DTS and sounds un-natural. Has anyone else notices popping sounds on that track? I can't even listen to it anymore and play "New York Minute" as my favorite now.

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