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How much can you really store in one of these, anyway?


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We joke about the pantry door motif, but wasn't this an actual vintage Klipsch & Associates design at one point during the late '40s early '50s? I remember seeing this and another pic of a pantry door Klipschorn on this or another audio forum about a year ago...can anyone in the know enlighten us?

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That's what I thought too, Gary. It's my assumption this Klipschorn was actually built like this by Klipsch & Associates, Inc., and not an afterthought by its owner just to please his wife and their home's decor (although if I'm correct, then Klipsch designed it for the WAF). There does seem to be a different squawker behind the grille cloth; if so, there may have been some owner modifications done later on. But the pantry door look is original if I recall correctly.5.gif

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Quite right, Gary. I hope we hear from a moderator or someone in the know about vintage Klipsch design options...I find this rather interesting!

It's like when I found out my '79 raw birch C-BR Cornwalls are actually another "Decorator" model, according to Andy (HDBRbuilder), and he should know...he said he built 'em (according to my serial numbers and hand-stamped marks located on the back edges)!

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