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How much you dump into your stereo?


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I am disappointed with the tone of this interchange. There is a lot of inappropriate language here which we normally filter. I know that I have occasionally offended people in these forums without ever having intended to do so and we should all give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Don't take comments so personally. Every body is entitled to their own opinion, and in this forum, to voice that opinion in an adult and responsible fashion. Opinions are opinions and argument will change little. Remember, hurt runs deep. I urge you to read your posts before hitting the "submit" button.

If we cannot behave reasonably and treat each other with respect, we will remove comments or people making them.

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Just curious Wired1, you got your La Scala's, of which I am happy for you, being through the long and narrow also on the Heritage Adventure, but I am curious as why you must continiously mouth off. I know I have voiced my thoughts now and then to the dislike of a few people on the board...HEY, thats what's here for. Yet, you MUST carry on....KA PASSA HOMZZ??!!

I may not be an Engineer like 1/2 the folk here, but I knowzzzzzz what I like...KLIPSCH!

You got what you what, but you insist on insulting this board....why????

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I think he's been booted. There was another thread where he said a few unkind things to the moderators and I think that was it. Haven't heard from him since...


Edit: Here it is...

This message has been edited by Mike Lindsey on 09-26-2001 at 01:22 AM

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Wrong again! Smile.gif Still here! I simply dont feel the need to have to prove myself on here. Doesnt matter to me if anyone believes me or not. Actually, I'm sure BobG could look into their shipping department and find out if a pair of LaScallas shipped recently. Bob, what do you say?

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several questions about the serial number and still no answer... i'd like to settle this too, i think it'd be fun.

or will he come up with "I don't care what the serial number says, i know i'm right and you're wrong" type answer?

you know what? I am glad Wired1 is there. he reminds us how lucky we are that our community counts people like him as a rare exception instead of as a rule like on other boards. see, I always see the positive side!

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