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Desperate Help Needed!


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First, I have to apologize for using this forum for purely personal purposes, but I'm not really sorry, because I know that we have proven to be a true family in the past.

Second, Fini - you have a PM telling you that you have an e-mail....

Hmmm if communications between those of us that have communications are so screwy...

Arggghh. That is the huge issue.

Thanks all for putting up with me,

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Clue: Do not apologize! This forum is for all of us, especially when help is needed. I'm so glad your mom is alright. God bless her!

BBB: Good to see you here, my friend. I have missed both you....and your graphical antics. ;)

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great news clu! the state of new orleans is bewildering. i

have been doing my best to stay away from the news, it is just

upsetting. I will start tuning in more as soon as I feel things

are turning around, meanwhile, all the pain and suffering, just too

much for me to bear.

I lost a friend to cancer a few days ago, that was enough pain for

me. but keeping a positive attitude, i know he is in a better

place. keeping positive through painful times is the key, as long

as you are still able to acknowledge the pain whilst doing so...

That time of the week for me I guess haha.

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