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Greatest Rock Drummers!


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Hey Michael. Hit the nail on the head with The Mothers.... How about John Mayall's alum.? One of the most under rated drummers IMHO is Aynsley Dunbar, despite the fiasco with Journey. Probably Bonhams biggest influence! I saw him with Eric Burdon about 3 years ago and man has he got some chops! He made that little 4 piece Yammy kit explode! Listen to some of the stuff he did with Zappa, tight man tight!!

I know the Dunbar name but that's about it. Which Zappa albums was he associated with? I dont' know anything about his association with Animals or Mayall. Wasn't he mostly a session guy? Any long stints with bands or just the occasional album? Give us a bit of discography if you will, I've probably got something around here....

Who was the drummer in that band Blue Murder in the 80-'s?

Nice thread ya got going here...


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Here is my 2 cents.

Jeff Porcaro (Toto & session drummer) - My personal favorite of all time.

The rest are in no particular order

Phil Collins

Prarie Prince

Chester Thompson

Carl Palmer

Phil Rudd (AC/DC)

Alex VanHalen

Neal Peart

Roger Taylor (Queen)

Don Henley (Well, you know)

Dave Grohl (Nirvana)

Larry Mullen (U2)

Jon Farris (INXS)

Ron Tutt (Later Elvis years)

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I gotta dog you about Keith Moon, too. I sat behind the Who at

the MTSUx Athletic Center in about '78. I could see Moon better

than any of the others. He made not a single wasted motion, was a

fluid and water and looked like he put out no effort at all. In

spite of his rep, he might have been the only member of the band not to

have missed a lick. His sound was bigger than life and the rest

of the band was never able to get it together without him. Just

listen to "Won't Get Fooled Again".

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I guess I never did dig Moon's style of playing, I don't know why. I think Pete Townshend is a musical genious but The Who were never my favorite band, I do have several of their albums and cd's though. A buddy of mine went to a Zep concert in L.A. where Moon made a guest appearance. I guess he was drunk and/or loaded off his A**! Supposedly they had to carry him off the stage. Wish I would have been there!

Aynsley Dunbar was in Mayalls band when he had Peter Green, my favorite rock gutarist, and John McVee on bass. Great classic Brit. blues! I will have to dig out my Zappa albums to see which ones he played on. I am pretty certain he was the drummer on (').

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Kenny Arnoff

What she said. Although I think it is actually spelled Aronoff. [:D] One of the most versatile drummers on the planet.

Also agree with most mentioned here. My faves:

Mike Portnoy

Carl Palmer

Neal Peart

Kenny Aronoff

Pat Mastelotto

John Bonham

Jukka Nevalainen

Among others...

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The album cover page of Aynsley gives you all you need to know, Looks like Hot Rats through Apostrophe (although Ralph Humphries is given credit). THere are some photos on his website of him with Flo and Eddie, so its the early acid stage Zappa where Aynsley played. I was surprised with the Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson work, I've got lots of their albums/CD's. All told I've probably got a dozen pieces around here with his drumming.

Went to dig out the double LP Truth/Beckola set out right now. Jeff Beck on gtr, Ronnie Wood (yes Stones gtr) on BASS, and Rod Stewart on vocals. That guy behind the kit- NOT Aynsley as the web site would have you believe- It' ;isted as Mick Waller on Truth and Tony Newman on Beckola- what gives?


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I knew you'd have some good ones

Michael Walden ( early 70's Jeff Beck & Tommy Bolin)

Yeah, Marching Powder with Tommy, Stanley Sheldon (Frampton bass) and Dave Sanborn Sax- that song just wails and says it all. I think that was the only tune with Tommy. Prarie Prince did the rest of the Teaser Album. Great rock/jazz fusion. Too bad about drugs taking Tommy, wonder what he had up his sleeve for the next supergroup.

btw, heard your band's CD at the Gathering! Great sound, specially da drummin. Any more CD's laying around?


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Mick Waller, forgot all about him. A very good drummer.

I always thought Bonham kind of plodded. Maybe it was just the band he played in which was plodding and bombastic in the extreme. Live they stunk. Jeez, I saw Vanilla Fudge blow them off the stage and the Fudge were anything but a high energy band.

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This is somewhat related--

My least favorite drummer of all time is Max Weinberg with the E-Street Band--

Whenever I listen to Springsteen's old albums, I just can't enjoy them because of that plodding, in-front-of-the-beat, right-out-front thumping on every song with not much variety--

He bores the snot out of me--

My favorites?

Dave Grohl --"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the finest performance ever to inspire air-drumming--

Stewart Copeland -- consistently interesting

Bill Bruford--prog hero

Jack Dejohnette--jazz with power

Fred Below -- blues swing

I'm still thinking....

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I am astonished that NO-ONE has mention two of my biggest influences.

Don Brewer - Grand Funk Railroad ..



and Tommy Aldridge http://www.tommyaldridge.com/

( Black Oak Arkansas, Ozzy, Pat Travers, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent...etc.)

Eat your heart out w/ this following link :

Drum Solo's web link ...


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