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Name that Tune - No Cheating Using Computer Word Searches

Jeff Matthews

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Ok, you got travelling, drugs, kinda bluesy cadence, not country- maybe old school brit rock?

Got another verse for me? This ones' late in the song innit?

EDIT, I'm getting an AC/DC maybe Small Faces feel from this one.. little help?

EDIT again, Savoy Brown, Foghat????

Fish, well done on the Sookie Sookie- that's kinda off the main beat. That second verse with blanks did it, right?


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got a silver spoon,

a dirty dance floor.....


Maybe Savoy Brown???? Definietly old brit rock, right? I refuse to look it up....

by I have not any idea...

Fish please clarify, I'm not gonna assume I got it, I think the titles right, who's the band on this one....

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"The other one was G.Thorogood- Cocaine Blues from Move it on Over,it sold a few million."

Ah ha - so it was Rock after all - but I think the original was Johny's. Fairly sure Cocaine Blues was the title of his too.

Jeff - you looked it up....

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Humble Pie, that was Steve Marriott on choked voice, right? Great tune, just fantastic. What a sound, remember those backup singers practicing the harmony at the beginning?

It's a long hard road
when you try to find peace of mind
Some might go for poison
And some go for too much stuff
Some just go to sleep at night
And forget to wake up.
_________ _______

Name it....

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