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Name that Tune - No Cheating Using Computer Word Searches

Jeff Matthews

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Oh come on, guys, that one was waaaaayyyyyy popular...

hint - the element of clothing you leave on is a hat... and the guy who sang it always reminded me of someone trying to sing while someone offstage was poking him with an electric cattle prod...

edit: hummm, another near simultaneous post, I see... I get to go? Cool...

how about...

A simple conversation for the new men now and again

Makes a touchy situation when a good face come into your head.

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Actually, for the younger whippersnappers on here that might be a bit obscure, tho the album was a *HUGH* hit... so let's post two, answer either one...

(I like this song better anyway)

Elusively she cut the phone

Moved from cell to cell

Really looking remarkable

And obviously doing well

She made a turn across the wooden bridge

Into the battleground

With a thousand warriors on the ridge

She tried to turn her radio down

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Sorry thought it would be a slam dunk

Here it is again with the complete first verse:

Greasy slicked down body,

groovy leather trim

I like the way you hold the road,

mama, it aint no sin

Talkin bout love

Talkin bout love

Talkin bout love

Wow, I can't beleive I did not know those were the words. I guess I always vegged out and did not even try to figure out what was being sung.

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American Band Grand Funk Railroad

Thank God I got in on time, was sad to see that I missed some no-brainers (for me) with the DP and LZ of yesterday, I was out for the afternoon. Then IndyKlipschFan stopped by and that was all she wrote!

I don't need your prestige

'Cause I got my pride

I don't want your social standing

I'd rather stand outside

I don't have no time to worry

'Bout your greedy jive


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sweet child o mine gn f#@%i# roses

SORRY Fish, gotta type pretty fast to beat me!

He hears the silence howling --

catches angels as they fall.

And the all-time winner

has got him by the balls.


"Locomotive Breath" by Tull


"She's a poor man's rich girl

and she'll do it for a song.

She's a rich man stealer

but her favour's good and strong:

She's the Robin Hood of Highgate --

helps the poor man get along."

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