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For Sale: Klipsch Rf-3's


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I am selling my rf-3's...I hate to do so as I was hoping to keep them for a third system, I know im crazy...but I need the money to go towards a new turntable...

They are not perfect, they are however the way they were when I bought them. One woofer has a small dent, hardly noticable. There are a few small scratches on top, again hardly noticable. Other than that these puppys are great. They sound perfect, and are sonically just that perfect. I would like to get $400 for them but am putting then up on the forum for $350...email for photo's...If there is no intrest these will be going on a-gon, just wanted to give yal a chance and with a better deal. Email audiophilefreak@gmail.com if intrested.



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Hi. I just sent you an email and would appreciate your help in responding to my questions. Thanks.

Hi. I am a new Klipsch forum member. Joined because I have been away

from HiFi/Audio for too many years. I am considering RF-35s and

wondered how the 3s compare and what the evlutionary tree looks like.

Where do the 3's fit in relation to the 35s. I am now retiring and

interested but there is so much to learn. I would sure appreciate a

response from you. And, would it be worth it, in your opinion to ship

them to NW Montana? Would it be safe for the speakers?

Thanks, Tom Donovan......................Tom In Montana

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Another route you might take is Craigslist.........I did get some wacky people, but over all

I was able to sell to someone locally and got the price I wanted. I just stated in my ad


As Michael eluded to - Pictures would really help in selling these. Great Price.

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