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Thousands of crows......


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I am leaving my house daily at 5:30AM eastern time. Every day I hear thousands (it sounds like) of crows in a nearby tree.

Just now, I got home and there were at least 1 or 2,000 of them circling above, squawking. WTF is going on?? I never seen this before..

It's like Hitchcock........There is a funeral home next door. Maybe they are feeding the DBs to the crows to save money.

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"Eaters of carrion, ravens were messengers of death, pestilence, and
battle. It was believed that these flesh-hungry birds could smell the
scent of death upon a person before they died - even through the walls
of a house. In paintings, the raven may be seen flying over
battlefields, eager to feast on the dead. After the Battle of
Armageddon, ravens will descend upon the lands of the wicked. [isa

Morrigane, the celtic goddess, is accompanied by three ravens: Babd, Acha and Neman, the three goddess of war.

birds were thought to have a special taste for the bodies of hanged
criminals and to enjoy plucking out the eyes of sinners. Christians
thought they carried off the souls of the damned and associated this
bird with Satan."

Seen some little red dude with a pitchfork running around?

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That's okay Bob. There have been a lot of them in our area lately too.

Of course, I live about a block from the infamous crematory, where the operator left over three hundred bodies laying around. Pretty strange. The crematory is gone and they are now turning the property into a memorial park.


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when you have crows flocked together they are called "a murder of crows". here in rural western n.y. they survive the winters mostly on road kill and manure that the farmers spread on the fields. we have 21 acres of mature hardwoods and a few times every tree was black with crows. for whatever reason they stay all winter now. under normal circumstance its nearly impossable to get close enough to shoot a crow with a rifle. in late march the murders of crows seem to go crazy. they will land in the trees and on the cabin and not fly when approached. its impossable to sleep in the morning because from first light the sound is deafening. no matter how many i shot they will not leave. ive never seen a raven in n.y. state, ive seen a few in northern pa. very rare in these parts.

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what is the difference?

I always thought the huge ones are ravens

raven: largest member of the corvidae family. (corvus corax-common raven) 27 inches long (size of a large hawk), 50-60 inch wingspan, glossy black or purplish black, live 25-50 years. ravens prefer wilder areas away from humans. crow: also a member of the corvidae family, corvus brachyrhynchos-common crow. 17 inches long (size of a large pigeon). 40 inch wingspan, black, lifespan 5-10 years. thrive around humans.
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There is an easy way to get the birds to avoid your area. Birds are a hazard at airports and many techniques, some very exotic and expensive, have been employed - but they fail. There is; however, a sure fire method that most use now. Get some spools of very thin bare wire and string it up high from place to place - try to get long spans from tree to tree or whatever is around. Bird's have a greater density of light sensitive cells in their eyes than humans (hawks' and other high flying hunters are 25 times more dense). Their periferal vision is much more excitable than ours, and the barely perceptible thin wire drives them to distraction. They will constantly fell threatened and anxious, and will move on.
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then why do pigeons and sparrows sit on telephone wires?

I say place the klipsch outside and watch some PBS Nature with hawks or

eagles. Maybe when the eagle or bird of prey scream they might get

anxious. They probably have a cd of hawk and eagle cries too...

Then go for the 12 gauge buck. If that fails chop the tree down [:P]

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then why do pigeons and sparrows sit on telephone wires?

Those telephone wires are thick. There is never any uncertainty that they are there. The "scare off" wires need to be very thin like thread.

You can see a telephone wire miles away even though it is only the width of a dime because your visual system can extract features of its length and "fill in" the rest. For humans, a thread sized wire will become invisible from a few dozen yards away. The greater acuity of bird vision makes the detectability of these thread sized wires come into and out of visibility. This is what makes them nervous and leave the area.

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Crows don't eat cow manure! What planet are you from?!

They eat the insects and worms that are attracted and/or worms that come up from manure spraying in the liquified form.

For crying out loud!

The reason that these flying varmints are over populating is that there are restrictions on hunting them due to human population in close proximity. Like coyotes, they will adapt and exploit that. A very very smart bird.

Where there is hunting, there are less crows.


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I remember one crow (thought it hasn't been done by others) actuall

joined the ranks of dolphines, monkeys and so by actually making a tool

and using it to get food. The crow was given a paper clip in which it

bent it into a hook and pulled a basket of meat that had a handle in a

glass tube that the crow's head could not get to normally.

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I've seen something like that at a bad location. DFW Airport. The were great numbers of some black bird in the trees at dusk. They put up a terrific racket.

I can only guess that the officials don't have a good way of getting rid of them and there is the chance they'll move out of the trees, and onto the field. Which would be worse.

Maybe it is mating or migration.


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